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How the Video Landscape Is Changing and What It Means for Your Marketing

Know this if you’re apprehensive about using video marketing:

The total digital video viewers, in the U.S., will surpass 239.2 million by 2021.

The video landscape is changing. You will lose out on an incredible opportunity to reach its audience if you don’t adapt.


There are many resources to bring you back up-to-speed on video creation and marketing. This post is one of them. So, pay attention to learn where video marketing is and where it’s going, and how you can adapt.

What is Video Marketing? 

The basics of video marketing are easy:

  1. Create videos about interesting or helpful topics
  2. Package it in a way that it’ll keep viewers engaged
  3. Include a call-to-action to your brand or offers
  4. Get it distributed all over the Web and social

If you thought, “Okay, yeah, just create videos” you’re on the right track. But, there are many challenges in-between. Creating a video is easy, having it effective for marketing efforts is another story.

Challenges can include:

  • Resources — Finding the time and tech to create videos
  • Stories/Topics — Discovering what users want to see
  • Engagement — Formatting videos so users don’t lose interest
  • Technicals — The production and distribution process

One can explore the video landscape through DIY means, creating videos in-house. Or, use third-party services for video creation while tapping their expertise in marketing. Read more here if you’d like to learn the latter.


Know that video marketing is using visuals, sound, and interactivity to engage. Hopefully, it will get viewers visiting your projects and/or buying products. You may craft an amazing brand through the medium, too.

Why Video Marketing Matters in 2019

You see competitors using video to their success. You may have tried video creation sometime in the past. Need a reminder of why video matters? Well:

  • Branding — Tell your story through a visual media. This lets you put a face to your brand, creating a stronger connection with the audience. You can also create a community through intimate, user-created videos.
  • Sharing — People tend to watch short videos vs having to read blog posts. You’ll find videos easier to share on social media, increasing your reach.
  • Remixing — Create new forms of content by remixing video content. A video becomes a GIF, screencap, meme, and more. This lets you repurpose video into new forms of marketing materials.
  • SEO — Embed video to increase a page’s “weight”. Or, get people linking to your pages because it provides a great resource. More links equal higher potential to rank in Google search results.

Let’s also not discount the fact many marketers already use video marketing.

Those not using video will find themselves outshone by those who do. Videos are the new standard in reaching audiences, much like websites in the ’00s. 

How to Explore Video Creation and Marketing

So you want to use video for marketing efforts, do ya? Let’s skip the actual creation and go right into how you’ll use video to build sales and branding.


Livestreaming video is the hottest trend for video marketing in 2019. This format removes the barrier between creator and viewer. Viewers get to engage with brands in real-time, often creating higher engagement levels.

You can explore live streaming via:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Periscope
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

Poll the community and see what topics they would find engaging. Or, tap into your site analytics, picking a sample set of keywords worth exploring.

You could then:

  1. Create an outline of your video topic and intent
  2. Announce you’re going live on X date
  3. Set up a live streaming environment
  4. Go live and begin engaging

This format is great in answering community questions. Or, just getting to know your community because there’s no pressure. You could introduce products through this format — much like a business presentation!

Educational Entertainment

Educational entertainment, or edutainment, teaches in a fun way. Many businesses use this format to educate and engage would-be customers. 

Common formats include:

  • Reviews
  • Use cases
  • Tutorials
  • Support

Packaged in a fun way, you’ll keep users engaged throughout the piece. A helpful video builds on your expertise — helping create an authority. People are then more likely to buy when they trust your message and brand.

Look at the in-demand topics people look for on your site. Then, start creating video content around these items. Get them shared and you’ll soon be an expert on that topic!

Video Advertising

There are many ways to explore video ads from in front of YouTube videos or in place of banner ads. Videos, as part of your PPC strategy, is one such avenue to explore when tapping channels like Google Ads.

The process is the same as video content — but with a twist:

  1. Choose a topic based on commercial intent
  2. Tout the benefits of using the business offer
  3. Include call-to-actions, pointing people to landing pages
  4. Optimize the landing page to convert video leads
  5. Place the video ad across relevant channels

Use the video ad metrics to refine the work process and campaigns. Through testing, you’ll land a video you’ll use across video sharing platforms.

Training Materials

Challenges arise with onboarding as new hires slog through text documents. A lot of information gets lost along the way to the mounds of information. Videos hold a user’s attention — so why not use it for the training process?

Consider this:

  1. Collect or gather training materials
  2. Rework each piece into a script
  3. Pair each document with a short video

Place these in a knowledge base new hires use during on-boarding. And, share it with everyone else to ensure everyone aligns on business practices.

Bonus: Become an influential educator by sharing these videos online. Others, finding your videos, will see you as an authority. And, may come to you because you’re so helpful.

The Everchanging Video Landscape

The video landscape is far from what it was during the ’90s and ’00s. High-speed Internet, HD cameras, and a decade of creators reshaped the industry. Videos are now as integral to resources and marketing as ads.

Make 2019 the year you finally embrace video creation and marketing.

Tap all opportunities the Internet provides in growing your business. Use this guide along with our proven marketing channels guide to make it happen.