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How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Your Dentist

In 2016, about 64% of adults took a trip to visit their dentist.

However, some visits to the dentist might end up being more expensive than they should be.

No one likes to be taken advantage of especially by their dentist. Keep reading for how to avoid getting ripped off by your dentist.

They Tell You That You Need a lot of New Procedures

One of the most important warning signs to avoid getting ripped off is to notice if your dentist is trying to push you to get a bunch of new procedures at once.

For example, if you haven’t had a cavity in your entire life, and a new dentist tells you that you have ten that they found, they may just be trying to overcharge you.

A lot of new dentists will tell you that they need to rip out your fillings and replace them, but oftentimes this isn’t necessary.

If they also act with exaggerated urgency saying that you need them out as soon as possible, that is also another red flag. 

It’s Too Good to Be True

If your dentist tries to offer you something that seems too good to be true, you are most likely getting scammed.

For example, if they say that they can give you a free cleaning or a checkup, this could just be a way to get you into their office so then they can start procedures that cost thousands of dollars. 

Most legitimate dentists try not to advertise specials or deals for you to come and visit them. Try finding a dentist that doesn’t overly advertise themselves. Instead, ask your friends and family who they would recommend. 

Requesting Too Many X-Rays

The ADA recommends patients should get dental X-rays every two years. However, some dentists will try to push for more because most people aren’t aware of this.

Not only will this cost you more, but you will also be exposed to more radiation. 

Some dentists will even go so far as to say that it is illegal for them to treat you unless you have X-rays done first, but this is not true. 

Veneers Are Cosmetic, Not Necessary

Many dentists will also try and push you to get veneers, which are like fake surfaces for your teeth

These can cost thousands of dollars though, and most of the time they aren’t necessary. Veneers are purely cosmetic. 

Only get veneers if you think your teeth are bad and want to brighten your smile up, but don’t let a dentist try and persuade you to do it. 

Avoid Prescription Toothpastes and Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is already in most of our drinking water, so you will most likely not need to get a fluoride treatment. This is the dentist trying to get you to spend more money.

You also really don’t need prescription toothpaste. Regular toothpaste works just fine, and dentists use these products to try and get more money out of their customers.  

Use These Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

If you are aware of these tips, it will be easier to avoid getting ripped off. 

Find a dentist who will help you make sure that you have a healthy smile without taking advantage of you.

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