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How to Be More Sustainable: 10 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Businesses

Did you know that nearly 40% of millennials want to work for a sustainable company? 

Apparently, they would even be willing to accept a lower salary for the opportunity to be employed by an eco-friendly business. 

If you want to become a more eco-friendly workplace, you may be wondering about how to be more sustainable. 

Do you want to discover more eco-friendly ideas for your business? Check out below for the top 10 things you can do for the planet in the office!

1. Go Veggie in the Office 

Are your workers always munching on chicken salad and taking a bite into a turkey sandwich at lunchtime?

We could eliminate nearly half of the total of carbon emissions from the food sector by skipping meat once in a while.

You could go veggie in the office to cut your company’s emissions. By promoting the meat-free diet you put yourself in eco-friendly lists. 

If your staff isn’t prepared to go full tofu hog, a “flexitarian” workplace could work instead.

This is when you have some meals without meat and others with meat. For instance, implement a “Meat Free Monday” or a “Veggie Wednesday” to make it a regular habit. 

2. Shift to a Paperless Office

There was a time when the workplace was cluttered with pieces of paper everywhere. An increasing number of tasks can be achieved without any paper at all.

You can do almost everything nowadays on the computer. And yet, around 50 percent of waste from businesses is paper.

You could significantly reduce your responsibility for unnecessary paper waste by going paperless.

You could even set ambitious targets. Could you achieve zero waste in your workplace?

3. Hire a Green Cheerleader

Your employees may all want to “do their bit” for the environment. And yet, on a daily basis, it’s not always easy to remember to think about the planet.

That’s why you need to employ someone to do the leg work for your company.

Who is going to put on the events to promote your eco-friendly improvements? Who will remind co-workers to turn the light off when they leave a room?

Find someone who is passionate about saving the planet to drive your company towards a sustainable future.

4. Switch to Renewable Energy

Your workplace electricity doesn’t grow on trees – but what if it did?

If your business is still running on fossil fuels, you need to quit it. There are numerous renewable energy providers which charge competitive rates.

You may even be able to do the right thing for the environment and shave off dollars on your energy bills at the same time.

5. Cover Your Office in Plantlife

If you want to become a sustainable company, you also need to look green as well.

So, what does that entail?

Well, you need to blend your office design with plantlife. Covering your office with indoor plants have a range of benefits.

You can improve the quality of the air inside and increase the productivity and happiness of your workforce too.

6. Implement a Cycle to Work Scheme

Over three-quarters of workers commute to work by driving by themselves. That is a huge amount of carbon emissions and air pollution. 

You may not be able to determine how your employees arrive to work. However, you can make it easier to travel to work differently.

You could encourage your employees to cycle to work with incentives such as paying for bicycles and cycle equipment.

If cycling isn’t for your workers, then you could also introduce a car-sharing scheme or ask your staff to walk to work. 

7. Allow Employees to Work From Home

You could even eliminate the carbon emissions of your workers traveling to the office altogether.

More and more people would prefer to work from home. Remote workers can have a significant impact on your company sustainability credentials. 

The internet allows you to stay connected with your employees even when you’re thousands of miles away from each other.

You may not even need an office at all if your employees are remote workers. This could make your operations much more sustainable.

8. Use Second-Hand Office Equipment

When you design your office, you don’t need everything to be sparkling and new?

You can purchase second-hand furniture for your workplace. Upcycle office supplies instead of investing in brand new and expensive things.

If you need any help finding items for your office, you should take advantage of online marketplaces.

9. Make Team Building Eco-Friendly

If you’re planning any team building events, you could make sure they’re eco-friendly as well.

You can check out these tips if you want to take your employees diving in the ocean. You don’t want to pollute the waters!

You could even take an adventure to the coast to pick up litter on the beaches. This helps you work together and do something for the planet as well.

10. Utilize Natural Light 

You don’t need to keep the lights on in the daytime. You should design your workplace with large windows. 

This will keep your office bright without any electricity. Even when the office gets warmer in the summer, you can open the windows to bring in the fresh air.

Don’t allow your workplace to become dark and dimly light. You need to open it up to the outdoors as well.

How to be More Sustainable

Now that you know how to be more sustainable in your workplace, you don’t have any excuses for not doing your bit.

Make your office an eco-friendly workplace and you’ll also enjoy numerous other benefits at the same time.

Do you want to learn more business tips and advice? Check out the rest of our website for much more!