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How to Choose a Commercial Roofing Company You Can Trust

When considering the cost of a new commercial roof or just a repair, you could be looking at a price tag up in the high five-figure range. If you’re not prepared for what it could cost you to have your roof replaced, you’re going to be even more upset by the cost of a commercial roofing company. Companies can essentially name their price in some areas, which could lead you to overpay for one of the necessities of keeping your doors open.

Here are five things to consider when looking for a roofer you can trust.

1. Read The Reviews

When you’re looking for the best commercial roofing expert around, look at the reviews before you call anyone up. In the absence of yellow pages or any of the ways we used to find businesses, we have the internet. However, the internet now provides us with more information that we ever had access to before.

You can find out everything you need to know about a business before you ever speak to them. You can find out where they’re located, who they’ve worked with before, and even meet the owner via social media posts.

Look at reviews and look out for any mentions that show any of the red flags you’d look for. You don’t want to see any reviews that mention the work went unfinished or was executed poorly. You can see if other commercial clients like you had problems like you’re looking to avoid.

Reviews can also show you what kind of clientele they’ve worked with. If they’ve worked on some of the most expensive commercial properties in your region, they might have a whole lot of talent and experience. However, they might cost more than you can afford.

2. Transparent Pricing

One of the things that roofing companies try to do when you’re working with them for the first time is to avoid telling you how much you can expect to pay. When you can’t find any quotes online, you might try to get them on the phone. You should be able to find at least a general quote when you provide the details of your building.

Call them with information already written down about your property. Tell them where you’re located, what materials you use, all about roof access, and the size of your roof. If they can’t come up with a quote based on this, then they might try to pull a fast one on you.

When you get your quote and it seems concrete, try to get it in writing or in an email. Many companies will quote higher and then charge you less in the end. Less professional companies will do the opposite and end up with bad reviews.

Refer back to the quote if you find them trying to charge you more or to tack on unnecessary fees.

3. Are They Locals?

While you can get amazing service from roofing providers and contractors all around the country, it’s often better to get someone nearby. When you’re hiring a contractor, they’re going to often source materials locally and need to hire people locally. When you get a local contractor, they’re going to know the places to go to save the most money and get the best prices.

Hiring locals also ensure that the money you put into them stays in your region. When you hire a local company, you can have problems repaired or have standard repairs made in the future by someone who knows your project inside and out. By hiring people who are local, you get expertise and an extra level of care about your project.

Read more here if hiring a local roofer matters to you. There are lots of reasons to hire someone who is local, however, you need to find the reason that matters to you. A little bit of added research means that your job is not only going to be done well but by people who you can trust. 

4. Who Do They Work With?

When you’re having your commercial roofing project built by a contractor, ask about their staff. While they might be a new roofer just starting up their business, plenty of longer running contractors have very few employees. This can mean a variety of things.

When a commercial roofer doesn’t have any permanent employees, that can mean that they are difficult to work with and can’t keep staff around. It also means that they haven’t worked to ensure they hire staff that they’re building a relationship with.

Hiring day laborers is fine for some projects but when you’re claiming to provide quality service, it’s hard with a staff constantly turning over. It takes years of experience to become a talented commercial roofer and if your contractor isn’t building a new generation of talent, find one who is.

5. Ask Your Neighbors

When seeking out the expertise of talented roofers, you should start asking around. There’s no doubt that the commercial properties near you or your neighbors have had this issue in the past. If they’ve needed the service of commercial roofing experts, ask around to see what they can recommend.

Ask who they’ve worked with or if there’s anyone they recommend that you avoid. Anyone who they’ve had bad experiences with is sure to be memorable. If they can’t recommend anyone, they can tell you someone who can.

A Commercial Roofing Company Should Be Trustworthy

When you’re hiring a commercial roofing company, you’re putting your company in the hands of someone else. Your livelihood and your safety are up to them. Make sure you feel like you can trust them before you sign any kind of agreement.

To make sure you have everything in order before they start working, make sure you follow our tips tidying up your office in advance.