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How to Choose the Best Office Computer for Your Business

Choosing the best office computer for your business isn’t difficult.

Many business owners have a hard time deciding on a computer, but it’s because they don’t know much about them. They’ll often end up buying something that doesn’t perform well or needs to be replaced shortly after.

If you learn a bit about the parts and what to look for, you’ll be ready to buy a computer. All you’ll need to do is figure out what the main purpose of getting a computer is and what the important parts do.

Continue reading to find out how to choose the best business computers for your office!

What Kind of Work Are You Doing?

Finding the best business computers will depend on what kind of work you’re doing. Every computer is different and is composed of various parts that make it function. Some computers are more powerful than others, but most of them get the job done.

Does your business revolve around doing basic office work? Do you have individuals working on advanced things like 3D modeling? What about video editing? These things matter when it comes to getting a good computer because you need something that can handle those tasks.

For those that are looking to do most of their work from excel sheets or similar office programs, you won’t need to invest much money. However, those that are looking to work with CPU and GPU-intensive programs will need to spend more on a better computer.

Parts to Consider

When it comes to office work, the work typically varies depending on the day. After deciding what the computer will be used for, you’ll need to look for computers with the parts that can handle what you’ll be doing.

Here are the main parts that will affect your office computer’s performance:

Graphics Card

For businesses that do a lot of video editing or 3D modeling, the graphics card will be the most important part of your computer. This is because those types of programs draw a lot of resources to render things and display them.

Most new graphics cards will handle rendering at high resolutions. Some of the popular brands are Nvidia and AMD, so try to look for computers with either of these. 


Video editing and 3D modeling are also very CPU-intensive tasks, but most businesses will be looking more at processors rather than graphics cards. Any business that plans on using various programs will need a strong processor to handle them.

Multitasking, which is running various programs at once, is common in offices so modern processors are necessary. Intel and AMD have dominated the processor market, but it doesn’t matter which one you choose from.

When it comes to Intel processors, you’ll want to look for an i5 or i7. These are 2 of the best lines that Intel has to offer. For AMD, the Ryzen series is the best, and many of its processors are better than Intel’s in terms of performance.


Random-access memory (RAM) is a type of memory that your computer uses to keep tasks running. Although a good processor is necessary to multitask, RAM will play the largest role. It essentially allows your computer to store data for later use, similar to that of a hard drive.

Most office computers can get away with having 4 GB of RAM, but it’s best if you get at least 8 GB. The more RAM you have, the more tasks you’ll be able to run simultaneously.

Most modern programs use a lot of RAM, such as Google Chrome. Chrome itself can use anywhere between 2-4 GB depending on what you’re doing. If you have lower RAM, you won’t be able to run several office tools while doing something like watching a YouTube video.

Mac vs Windows

The Mac vs Windows debate has existed ever since the two introduced companies started launching computers. Both of them have unique features and benefits, so it depends on what you’d prefer to have in your office.

Choosing a Mac

Macs are easy to use and provide users with a simple layout. Businesses often use these when they want their employees to be able to do things without having to go through several menus. You can find a guide for anything, such as how to enable the lock screen on Mac computers. 

One feature Mac has that’s great for businesses is the App Store. This is similar to the App Store on iPhones, but it’s for computer applications. You can download most programs from it, essentially making it impossible to download any viruses to your office computer.

Choosing a Windows

Windows computers have always been designed for those that like to have full control over what they do. You’ll find that there are numerous menus to access, all with various settings. These computers are popular with those that like to program because they can run most programs.

Unlike Macs, Windows computers don’t have a universal app store. Microsoft has tried adding one, but it consists of mostly mobile games and touchscreen apps. This means that you’ll have to download everything from a web browser. Doing this puts you at risk of downloading a virus, so you’ll have to be careful.

Start Looking for the Best Office Computer Today

No computer is equal so you’ll have to start browsing if you’d like to find the perfect one for your business. The best office computer is one that lets you do everything you need, so start thinking about what it is that you’ll need the PC for.

Keep in mind that you need to pay attention to the parts when choosing one. Although you may have decided between a Mac or Windows PC, you need to ensure that the parts will perform well and handle all of your tasks.

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