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How to Grow Your Massage Therapy Business Successfully in 2019

Growing a business is challenging work no matter the industry. As a business owner, when you learn that 30% of businesses fail, it puts a lot more pressure. 

If you’re interested in growing your massage therapy business in 2019, there are a few things you can do.

In this article, we’ll go through ten things you can do to make your business thrive.

1. Make it Easy for Clients to Book

Although booking over the phone is one of the old-fashion ways for your clients to book appointments, sometimes it’s not the most convenient. 

Customers don’t want to spend their time holding on the phone when they have things to do. Not to mention, if one of your employees is having a bad day, it might send your customers the wrong message about your business.

To make it easier for your clients to book appointments, you can add a feature on your website to make it easier. In fact, 42 percent of people rather book appointments online than over the phone.

Being able to book appointments at their convenience even after working hours will make your massage therapy practice more attractive to your customers.

2. Have a Social Media Presence

In 2019, any business worth talking about has a social media presence. If you haven’t started a social media campaign for your massage therapy practice, you could be missing out on many customers. 

Take advantage of social media channels to showcase the many talents of your business. Share with your followers, videos, articles, posts, offers, and more.

For example, you can share with your followers how to stretch, massage certain pressure points, and other ways to improve your overall health.

3. Start an Email Marketing Campaign 

Let your clients know you’re around. Your clients are busy people and they need a little reminder of what you have to offer. 

If you want your massage therapy business to thrive in 2019, you need to make it to your clients’ inbox. By starting an email marketing campaign, you can deliver a personalized message straight to your clients’ inbox. 

In the emails, you can tell them about news and special events happening in your practice. Not to mention, you can send them articles they might enjoy reading. 

4. Focus on Customer Experience

66 percent of consumers will spend more money on businesses they’re loyal to. Now that you’re aware of this statistic, it will encourage you to focus on the customer experience.

Focus on obtaining client feedback and training your staff to offer the best customer service possible. When you prioritize the needs of your customers, it keeps them coming back.

5. Remind Clients of Appointments 

When customers cancel appointments, it ends up hurting your business. If you want your massage therapy business to succeed in 2019, you need to cut back on no-show appointments. 

Aside from hurting your profits, when clients don’t show up, they hurt the morale of your professional staff. They ruin their chances of getting another client in their place. 

Because your clients are busy people and they might just forget about their appointment, you should take it on yourself to remind them. 

In order to cut back on your no-show appointments, make sure you send your clients automatic appointment reminders. You can send them text reminders, emails, and automated calls. 

6. Start a Rewards and Referral Program

If you want to help boost your massage therapy business, you really need to rely on the proven worth of mouth strategy. However, it’s not enough to ask your customers to tell their friends and family. 

You need to make sure there’s something in it for them. In order to make the most of word of mouth, offer an incentive for your customers.

For example, you can offer them $20 off their next massage for every person they refer. Also, every new client they refer can get a discount during their first visit. 

Another great way to retain your customers is by enrolling them in a rewards program. Offer them an incentive such as a discount after every 10 services. 

7. Optimize Your Website

Another way to ensure your massage therapy practice gains visibility online in 2019 is by optimizing your website. 

Include relevant keywords such as “massage therapist in San Diego” and when clients search on Google using those keywords your business will pop up. 

You can incorporate any other relevant keywords in the text, titles, and even the photos. The better optimized your site is, the higher it will rank on the search results. 

8. Focus on Your Reputation 

The reputation of your business matters. In 2019, you need to focus on what other clients say about you. 

Make sure you take a look at your online reviews and take charge. Even if you have excellent reviews, sometimes clients look at the one that is bad. 

If someone leaves a bad review, make sure you take your time to address it. Sometimes all clients want to hear is an apology to change their minds about a business. 

9. Have Fun Events

If you want to give your clients the break they deserve, you should make your message unique.

A great way to become more attractive to your clients is by organizing group events. For example, you can organize group massages for special events such as Mother’ss Day, birthdays, bridal showers, and more.

By having special events, you will encourage your clients to book your practice. 

10. Advertise Killer Promotions

Customers like discounts and special offers! Since many people are discount-oriented, you need to cater to this side of it.

If your massage therapy practice fails to advertise deals and promotions, clients will think they can get deals somewhere else. It’s important that you not only offer great deals for your customers but also advertise them.

Once you win over the bargain hunters, you will win customers for life. 

Improve Your Massage Therapy Business Today

Now that you know how to improve your massage therapy business, it’s time you get to work. 

Remember to make the most of your social media presence, make it easy for your clients to book appointments, know your online reputation, and start an email marketing campaign.