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How to Increase Brand Awareness and Get Your Company Noticed

You know what your company stands for, you’ve identified your target market, and you understand what sets you apart from your competitors. 

The only problem? 

You’re having trouble spreading the word about your company, and you think a poor brand strategy is to blame. 

If you want to increase brand awareness, then you need to read this post. 

In it, we’ll cover effective and affordable ways to get more people talking about your brand – and wanting to do business with you. 

1. Invest in Promotional Products

If you want to find an affordable way to increase brand awareness, invest in promotional products

But don’t just go for the standard pen and notepad. Pick promo products that are in line with what your business offers and are unique. 

Things like a branded USB key for an IT company or a branded stress ball for a spa work well. 

While you’re thinking about promo products, also consider the value of branded customized packaging.

The right packaging makes buyers likely to share your photos on social media, which is a quick way to give any brand awareness strategy a boost. 

2. Work with an SEO Company

SEO, or search engine optimization, means tailoring your web content (social media, your website, and even videos and third-party listings) to ensure it shows up in the search results of likely potential customers. 

By including the right keywords, building a strong linking strategy, and above all, crafting engaging and unique content, you can ensure your website outranks your competition. 

But often, business owners don’t have the time or the technical knowledge to create a winning SEO strategy that helps with building awareness around their brand. 

Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure you get the results you want 

Some agencies and SEOs are just plain better than others. Do your research, check out company portfolios, and ask for referrals before you make your choice.

3. Be a Physical Presence in Your Community

While online marketing is incredibly important when it comes to brand visibility, you also need to take a “boots on the ground” approach to marketing. 

Sponsor a local event like a concert in the park, a public barbecue in your business’s parking lot or a popular community space, and even put up flyers for your company around town. 

You should also consider donating to a local charity, sponsoring a children’s sports team, and volunteering to clean up a nearby park (while wearing branded tee-shirts, of course!) 

You want to prove to your local market that you understand their needs, and that improving your city and giving back is one of your top priorities as a brand. 

Plus, since 85% of companies say they rely on word-of-mouth to spread the word about their company to local consumers? 

It never hurts to do what you can to get tongues wagging. 

Increase Brand Awareness with These Simple Strategies

You don’t have to spend tons of money or invest lots of time in order to increase brand awareness for your company. 

Instead, start small with things like promotional items, boosting your SEO strategy, and tapping into your local market. 

Need more local and small business advice? Looking for a template for a business plan, a contract with an SEO agency, or a rental agreement for your retail space? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Keep reading our blog and download our business templates to avoid getting into legal hot water and keep protecting your investment.