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How to Write Business Thank You Notes

Whether you’re trying to up your game or you’ve been writing business thank you notes for a long time, it never hurts to learn a few new things.

Writing thank you notes of any kind is a nice extra touch that everyone appreciates. After all — who doesn’t appreciate being appreciated?

Business thank you messages to customers are different than writing thank you notes for gifts. Continue reading this article to learn how to get your thank you notes to your customers right every time.

The 101 on Business Thank You Notes

Whether you’re going for free bridal showers invitations or you bought some from the store, what you put in them is what matters. Below are some examples as well as some tips to make your notes pack the most punch.

Thank a Business Partner

Your business partners allow you to be successful so saying thank you is a must. A big event doesn’t have to take place to say thank you. You could just notice their long hours and commitment and let them know that you see them.



I noticed you were working late last Friday. I just wanted to say thank you for your commitment. 

What you do for the company isn’t going unnoticed.

Thank an Employee

Your employees are the life of your business. Without good employees, your business won’t be able to thrive.



You always have such a great attitude when you come into work. Everyone has good things to say about you and how you make them feel. I wanted to personally thank you for being someone that brings happiness to the workplace.

Thank a Venue or Business

If you held an event at a venue or if another business referred business to you, you want them to repeat this activity so make sure to say thank you.


Tom’s Shoes & More,

Thank you so much for allowing up to host the charity event at your store. It was a great success and our entire team appreciates everything you and your team put into it.

Thank a Mentor

Your mentors play a big role in your life. Whether they are still mentoring you or they’ve done their work and moved on, thanking them means a lot.



I want you to know that I haven’t forgotten all of the things you taught me. Because of the things you showed me, I am able to walk into the boardroom with confidence knowing that I am equipped to run the meeting.

Taking time to write these notes makes a big difference in the receivers life but also in your life.

Learn More About Growing Your Business

Now that you know how to write business thank you notes, don’t stop there. There are many more business tips and tricks you can learn to grow your business.

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