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I Have An App Idea! Now What?!

How can you build an app based off an amazing idea? That’s a question that entrepreneurs and business owners ask themselves.

An app can be a powerful tool to promote your existing business or even launch a brand new venture. There are many ways for an app to make money or expand your business, but you have to cut through a lot of noise to make it happen. There are over 2 million apps available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. 

If you find yourself saying “I have an app idea,” you’ll want to keep reading.

Find out how to turn your brilliant app idea into a bona fide product.

I Have an App Idea!

OK, OK, you woke up in the middle of the night because you were hit with a moment of inspiration. OK, not really, you were just hit with a moment of brilliance that turned into, “I have an app idea!”

The first thing you want to do is write down your idea. Initially, you may be flooded with ideas for an app, how it works, and who it’s for.

Write down every idea that comes to you. You may discard some of them later in the process of building your app, but this will provide you with a good start.

Figure out How Your App Is Different from the Others

There are millions of apps available for users. There’s a good chance that your idea isn’t completely original. What you want to do now is take your idea and do a little research.

Look at the App Store and Google Play to see what other apps that are out there are similar to yours. Download them and use them like you’re one of your app’s users.

Look at the app as an entire experience. Note the product description, the number of customer reviews, the ease of use and what’s great about the app. You’ll also want to note who they target and how they market the app and make money.

For example, if you’re developing a fitness app, you can look at FitOn, which will give you some great ideas to build and promote your app.

Is It a Good Idea?

Now that you have an app idea and you had a look at the other apps on the market. You think you have a great app idea, but you still want to make sure you have a viable product before you develop it.

In this phase, you want to nail your target market and why your app as opposed to the others out there.

Maybe your app solves a very specific problem or helps guide people on vacation. There are millions of ways to help people.

Your job is to get clear as who should download your app and why they should care. That will help you market your product down the road.

Create a Plan for Your App

This is the fun part of creating an app. This is where you figure out how to make a business out of your app or create a new revenue stream for your current business.

There are a variety of ways to make money with an app. You’ll want to weigh the ability to make money against the user experience. You can have ads on your app, but that can detract from the user experience. You can use affiliate links, but you need to have enough content on your app for links.

Make Your App Business Official

If you’re starting a new business, you want to make sure that you fill out the appropriate forms and file your business name with your state’s Secretary of State’s Office.

For existing businesses, you’ll need to decide on the app’s name and whether or not you’ll create a separate brand or business for the app. You may decide that it complements your existing business so well, that you can just fold it into your current business and marketing activities.

Depending on your situation, you’ll need to buy a domain name, build a new website, and lay the groundwork for your business.

Build & Develop Your App

At this stage, you have a solid foundation for your app idea. Now comes the hard part, which is building your app.

Start out by sketching the app or creating a wireframe for the app. This will help you refine the user experience before you’re too deep into developing.

If you have to make adjustments to the app because you didn’t plan properly that can wind up costing you in the long run in development time and costs.

There are a few ways to develop your app. You can hire an app developer to build it for you. You can also use a tool that will help you build an app with readymade templates.

You can learn how to program the app yourself. This will be rewarding but will also take up a tremendous amount of time. You want to make sure you’re using the right programming language to build a speedy app.

Marketing the App

Do you really have an app if people don’t know about it? The whole point of building an app is to help people do something faster or easier or have fun.

If they don’t know about your app, you’re not really helping them. That’s why marketing your app is so important.

You want to plan how you’re going to market your app, whether that’s through paid ads or social media. Whichever you decide, you want to make sure that you’re using emotional selling techniques in your marketing and advertising copy. 

Turn Your App Idea into Gold

The reason why many apps fail is that the developers just develop the app without planning. They think the moment where they say, “I have an app idea” is enough to create a solid business.

The fact is that you have to do your homework. You have to understand why your app idea is amazing and make sure that you know your target market well enough so they’ll want to download the app.

Then you have to build and market the app. It’s quite the process, similar to building a business.

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