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IG for Non-Influencers: How to Double Your Instagram Growth (Even If You’re Camera Shy)

Instagram is one of the biggest and best social media platforms in the world. We love scrolling through pretty images and catching up with our favorite celebs.

It has over 1 billion active users, and this number is still on the rise. There are so many great ways to use the site and the possibilities are endless. We all see big ‘influencers’ making it big with thousands, if not millions of followers.

But you don’t need to be an influencer or celebrity to get big on Instagram. This $100 billion business is open to everyone and you can become successful too. Here are 8 ways to increase your Instagram growth in an organic way.

1. Use an Instagram Growth Service

When it comes to social media, it’s all about algorithms. Algorithms dictate how many people see your posts and how popular they become.

An Instagram growth service uses a targeted approach to boost your posts. They get real people, not bots, who actually like the stuff you post to follow you.

Think of it like a guru who helps you through your Instagram experience. They will show you how to grow your following and guide you to success. 

2. Post Often

One of the key aspects of popular Instagram accounts is that they post content regularly. The key is to post every single day at least once.

That’s not to say you should spam your followers with too much content either. It’s all about quality over quantity. If you post too much, or below-par content, people will unfollow.

Research which times your audience and followers usually post or interact with Instagram. This will lead to better engagement and grow your following.

3. Engage With Other Users

It’s called a social platform for a reason, so you need to remember to socialize with your audience. People don’t want to follow a robot who doesn’t communicate or care about their followers.

Make sure to follow other users and comment on their posts. If you have loyal followers, try to like their photos back and leave some nice comments too. Not only do people appreciate this, but it builds trust with your audience too.

Other great ways to do this include answering questions or responding to messages. Establishing a personal connection makes you more likely to gain a following.

4. Have a Theme

People love consistency in Instagram profiles, not only in what they post but with what they post. If you post a lot of random things, that’s great for you. But profiles with a theme tend to do better.

Whether it’s travel, architecture, art or food, find a theme for your profile. If you can carve out a niche for yourself, even better. If people can see what kind of content you post right away, it makes a good impression.

5. Use Editing Apps

It’s not enough to take good photos and post them straight to your account, you need to put some work into it. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or editor, there are lots of ways to do it.

There are many different editing apps you can use to improve your photos and make them stand out. Some of the best and most effective editing apps are 100% free too!

If you want to dive into Photoshop and Lightroom, you should give it a go! There are lots of online tutorials and you can take your photos from 0 to 100 with them.

6. Use the Right Hashtags

One of the most effective methods for growing your profile is using hashtags. People search for and even follow certain hashtags, so you need to use the right ones.

Think of hashtags like keywords on Google. It’s how people find the posts they’re looking for, and you can increase your chance of being the top result. But it’s not about spamming the same hashtags in each post, you need to use only a few that work well.

Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags in one post, but don’t use too many all the time. It appears spammy and people won’t be more likely to follow if they think you’re a robot.

7. Remember to Use Stories

Instagram Stories has changed the face of the platform since it’s release and people love it. You get to show people your day and after 24 hours, it’s gone.

You can highlight your Stories so people can go back and watch them, and they’re a great way to get creative. Use templates to make your Stories stand out and make sure to use hashtags and location tags.

These boost the number of people who find your account and makes it more likely for people to follow you. It’s a great way to interact with your audience too as you can ask questions, create opinion polls and much more!

8. The Art of the Caption

Instagram may be a photo-sharing platform, but it’s all about the caption. Captions to photos can make the success of your posts and they’re a great way to connect to your audience. 

Whether it’s something funny, inspirational or personal, people love a good caption. It allows you to share some of your personality and show people who you are. 

You can ask questions as well and spark a conversation in the comments. This improves your engagement rate and boosts your posts to others as well.

Increase Your Instagram Growth Without Buying Followers

You don’t need to buy followers or be an influencer to grow your following.

These 8 tips allow you to get creative and make a real name for yourself on the platform. The chance to connect to a real online audience is way more valuable than buying followers. Before you know it, your Instagram growth will be through the roof!

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