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Importance of Safety in the Workplace: 3 Reasons Why Employee Safety Is Essential

Statistics around workplace injuries are surprising.

In 2017 alone, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and 5,147 fatal workplace injuries

As every supervisor or business owner knows, workplace safety is paramount for numerous reasons. Workplace injuries are pricey, can impact a company’s reputation, and affect employee loyalty. 

Here are three reasons why it’s vital to ensure the importance of safety in the workplace.

1. A Safe Workplace is Cost-Effective

Make no mistake about it; injuries and accidents are expensive. 

First, there are the obvious costs. These include lost productivity, time spent completing injury reports, higher insurance premiums, and potential worker’s compensation payments. Some workplace accidents might even put a business at risk of penalties in the form of litigation. 

An unsafe workplace also tends to be a less effective one. Employees will likely need to perform their duties more slowly and carefully. Potentially unsafe, outdated tools or equipment can lessen productivity and increase downtime. 

To run the most cost-efficient, productive business possible, workplace safety needs to be a priority.

2. A Safe Workplace Earns Respect

Efficiency is key, but even the most efficient company needs respect to in order to profit.

One of the best ways to consistently earn respect from clients, vendors, employees, and the public is to maintain a safe work environment. 

Equipment, facilities, and products are important. But you can’t put a price on reputation. Once you lose that trust, it can be extremely difficult — if not impossible  —  to get it back.

In this way, workplace accidents can affect the bottom line even more drastic and pervasive ways than the more obvious and immediate financial aspects. 

3. You Can’t Put a Cost on Human Health and Wellbeing

Most importantly, you can’t put a cost on a human’s health or wellbeing. Profit and financial health aside, protecting the safety of your employees is the most important part of running a business. 

Even small injuries sustained on the job can have a lasting impact on an individual. What might seem inconsequential could lead to eventual nerve damage, loss of mobility, loss of balance or coordination, or other problems.  

These problems affect a person’s ability to lead a full, productive life — well after they’ve left your company. 

To learn more about how to maintain a safe, productive, efficient business, we suggest attending 2019’s national safety conference. By attending, you will receive invaluable tools, resources, and information to run your company like a well-oiled (and safe!) machine. 

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Safety in the Workplace

If you’re a business owner or supervisor, never underestimate the importance of safety in the workplace.

Create a safe, efficient, and enjoyable workplace. You’ll reap the rewards of increased productivity, a better profit margin, and more loyal customers. And most importantly, you’ll have safe, healthy, loyal employees who will have long careers with your company.

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