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Keep Your Business from Crashing: Top 4 Things to Look for in Outsourced IT Services

With the average security breach now costing companies around $4 million, most companies are woefully underprepared. With the help of outsourced IT services, you get the best talent around for less. However, do you know what to look for in an IT company?

Here are four things to look for.

1. Will They Save You Money?

If you’re looking at outsourcing your IT services, you should consider exactly how much money they can save you. Ask the IT service provider to give you a quote that makes sense to you and your business model. While their website and their literature might give you one idea of how much you could save, you need a figure realistic to your business.

If you need to have full-time IT staff on hand while you hire them, they might not save you that much. However, if your entire business is in the process of scaling up you might be primed to save a lot from your service provider. You need to calculate specifically how much you’re anticipating to spend in the coming year on new staff versus how much your outsourced solutions will save.

However, there’s something of an x-factor when it comes to figuring out how much you can save. With IT services outsourced, your whole IT infrastructure could be streamlined in such a way as to make everything more efficient. If you’re able to make more money or serve your customers faster, you’ll be making a larger profit year after year.

The cost of recruiting, hiring, and training staff is no figure to balk at. Any chance you get to cut down on how much you spend there should be an opportunity taken.

2. Do You Get Skill For Less?

On top of just hiring staff to manage your IT infrastructure, you’re going to want to get the best around. The gap in how much it costs to have the best talent versus having outsourced staff is going to be huge. It costs you more to hire the worst IT staff in town not only because they’ll make mistakes but because of how outsourced IT works.

When you don’t need round-the-clock support for your IT system, the staff at an IT services center are going to work with other clients. They’re going to be on call when you need them but they’ll also be free to work with every other customer who needs them. If you’re looking for the best talent, leave the work of recruiting to IT staffing companies.

The great thing about outsourced IT services is that your entire system can pivot on a dime and you’ll be running just as smoothly as you are today. When you need to integrate new technology or use a new tool in your office, your staff is going to need to train on it or bring someone in to teach them. When you swap out tech or tools with outsourced staff, your outsourced team just tags in the person they need and they work seamlessly without a gap.

Outsourcing IT staff means that someone with the specific experience that you need at the moment is going to be brought in exactly when you need them.

3. Do They Help You Focus on Your Business?

When you’re running a small to medium-sized business, anything that pulls you away from generating profit or finding new clients is a loss. You need to have people who can manage these things, look for problems, and keep them off of your plate.

Every business has a core set of functions for management to take care of. Updating software or fixing the Wi-Fi usually isn’t on that list. Thanks to the work of outsourced IT support, you get the chance to focus on the core operations of your business.

Rather than having to deal with the networking problems that hassle a business from day to day, you can stay on the tasks that keep you earning profits.

Every business owner suffers from the illness of wanting to manage everything in the world on their own. This is especially true when funds are short and the whole thing is self-funded. Added costs are frustrating when a business owner is sure they can deal with the issue on their own.

Dedicating time and energy to your IT issues, especially when you don’t have any experts around, is a huge distraction. You know what the talents of your staff are so why not focus on them rather than distractions?

4. Will They Lower Your Risks?

While having the best technology in town is the goal of every small business, you also need to put the time and money into training. If everyone using those new tools isn’t aware of the risks, you could compromise your business. Wasting money on new technology that you don’t know how to use or that requires training hours is a real issue.

You also need to make sure that you don’t open up your customers or staff to any major security issues with this new technology. If people aren’t aware of how to protect themselves against security breaches or what the vulnerabilities are, they’re bound to make mistakes.

If your in-house employee makes mistakes that put customers at risk, you can only fire them at worst. However, if an IT company puts your team at risk, they’ll face a lawsuit, which means they have an incentive to perform at the highest level.

If you’re not sure if you desperately need IT services, find out more about them.

Outsourced IT Services Can Save Money

If you’re looking for outsourced IT services, make sure you know what you need first. They should give you a free assessment before you have to pay for services.

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