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Keep Your Eyes Peeled! 7 Reasons Why You Need Security Cameras for Your Business

Have you ever walked into your business and had the overwhelming feeling something wasn’t right.

Human intuition is incredibly strong and reliable if you know how to listen to it. You’re probably not wrong.

Something is either out of place or missing. You can sense that someone has been there.

How can you be sure?

Perhaps it’s time to invest in some security cameras for your business.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider a surveillance system for your business.

1. Use Security Cameras for Your Business to Discourage Unwelcome Intruders

The above scenario can be both infuriating and frightening. Walking into your business feeling like someone has been there may have you questioning your own safety.

Is the intruder still there? Could they be hiding? What is their intent?

While our intuition is something we should trust, our imaginations can get away from us from time to time. If you consistently get the feeling that when the lights go down, not everyone goes out, you might just be right.

If you have security cameras for your business, finding out the truth will be quite straightforward. If you don’t have surveillance for your business, however, it may be impossible.

2. Solve Customer Conflicts

Unfortunately, being a business owner makes you a target for angry and unreasonable customers. While the business oath proclaims the customer to always be right, business owners know the oath to sometimes be wildly inaccurate.

In the event of an angry customer, you will likely be inclined to make things right, regardless of fault. In a returned merchandise situation, owners generally refer to their return policy and go from there.

A customer or client who is claiming some form of misconduct by you and your staff, will not be an easy matter to settle. In these scenarios, it’s best to have video documentation of the event.

3. Solve Conflicts with Disgruntled Employees

In the same way that you are susceptible to customer complaints, you are also susceptible to employee complaints. Generally, the way you manage your staff will dictate how they respond to you and if they enjoy working for you.

Regardless, long term relationships, including those of employer and employee, can sometimes turn ugly. It’s not always purposeful, but misunderstandings happen.

Depending on the misunderstanding, an employee may try to make a big scene and soil your name. Worst yet, they may try to sue you for misconduct or inappropriate behavior. Whether or not it’s true, having video surveillance will be essential in sorting out the mess.

Make sure you are covered. Business surveillance can save you from unjust lawsuits or damages.

4. Improve Employee Performance

Studies have shown that employees perform better when they know they are on camera. This is not surprising, however, most people act differently when they know people are watching.

Having cameras in your business will give employees that extra nudge to perform better, even if that is not the purpose of your business surveillance. They will be less likely to have lengthy conversations or play on their phone. Employees will also find stuff to do when the work is done, rather than sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Another added bonus to having your employees on camera is that they will be less likely to steal from you. Sadly, employees account for 47% of thefts in retail stores.

Security cameras in your business will increase your revenue and decrease your losses, even if it’s just due to your employees.

5. Prevent Theft

Most stores deal with theft from one avenue or another. As mentioned above, sometimes it’s employees.

Most thefts, however, are carried out by customers or people pretending to be customers. These thefts are usually more substantial financially.

Having a surveillance system in your business will help prevent theft solely by its existence. If someone observes a surveillance camera, they will most likely abandon any idea they had of stealing.

Ironically, most people who steal from stores do it impulsively. Sure, there are those who knock over convenience stores for cash, but most thefts are not planned.

These people steal during a moment of opportunity. They see something they like and assume no one will see if they take it. Then, they just go for it.

Having a visible security system in your business will cut down on the thefts of opportunity.

6. Security Cameras for Your Business Will Increase Saftey

Having visible security cameras will not only prevent theft, but it will also increase safety for you, your employees, and your customers.

The benefits of increased safety are two-fold for your business.

First and most obviously, you and your employees will have less need for fear while at work, and employee safety is essential in any workplace. This is especially true if your business remains open after the sun goes down.

Secondly, your customers will feel safer. They will appreciate the extra feeling of security and your business will benefit. If an area is known for criminal activity, people will be less likely to visit.

Once again, the mere presence of security cameras at your business will keep everyone’s safety at a maximum. Having external cameras will keep your parking lots safe as well as deter any vandals from tagging your building.

Additionally, if you get a quality security system, you can view it from anywhere at any time. Companies like Arcules have high-end, unbeatable systems that grant you immediate access to your video feed and alerts you to abnormal activity.

7. A Decrease Your Insurance Premium

Most insurance companies will ask you if you have a security system for your business. They will also ask you specifically if that system includes cameras.

For all the reasons listed above, insurance companies have been known to give significant discounts to businesses with security cameras. 

If you have updated your business with a security system and cameras, let your insurance company know. They should lower your premium. If your insurance company doesn’t offer you a lower premium with your security system, drop them and get a new plan.

Don’t Stop at Cameras

If your business resides in a location that is vulnerable to theft or dangerous people, security cameras for your business is a must. However, it may not be enough by themselves. It would be a good idea to consider some other physical security measures as well.

A well-protected business is a thriving business.

On the other hand, if your business isn’t thriving and it has nothing to do with security, perhaps you should check out our other business articles. We may be able to help get your business booming!