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Lawyers for Personal Injury: When to Hire an Injury Attorney

In a society where instant gratification and speed run our daily lives, it’s not surprising when a car accident occurs. People allow the distractions of social media and texting to control them while driving.

Unfortunately, many people suffer due to another driver’s negligence. So when you or a loved one get harmed in an auto accident it can leave long-lasting health complications or result in death.

After an auto accident, you may need legal representation. But how do you know where to find the right lawyers for personal injury?

Continue reading as we share tips for when to hire a personal injury attorney.

Who are Lawyers for Personal Injury

A personal injury lawyer handles cases where an individual sustained a personal injury. A personal injury is “an injury not to property, but to the body, mind, or emotions” according to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute.

A free legal consultation with a personal injury lawyer enables you the opportunity to ask questions. Not all accidents should result in a lawsuit so it’s beneficial to consult a professional first.

You Have a Serious Injury

So your neck and back haven’t been the same since your slip and fall. Maybe your legs fractured during a motorcycle accident. Whatever the situation of your accident you have the right to file a claim for damages. But speaking with an attorney will help him determine if your injuries are serious enough to file a claim.

Your Injury Was Caused By Someone Else

If someone else caused your injuries then you may have grounds to file a claim and receive a settlement. Your lawyer determines if the evidence against the person or persons is strong enough to warrant a claim. If this is the case then your attorney will make sure the evidence is collected and preserved.

Insurance Adjusters Are Contacting You

Insurance adjusters contact people to try and gather information against your claim. They will try to get you to give statements and sign releases that diminish your claim’s validity. Insurance adjusters also dig into your medical history to say your pre-existing injury is the cause of your pain and not the accident. If an insurance adjuster contacts you tell them you will be contacting an attorney and to forward further correspondence to him.

You Need a Professional’s Help

Handling your own claim is not suggested. Attempting to do all this on your own will you to frustration and possibly dropping your claim. A personal injury lawyer’s education and experience allow him or her to explain confusing information.

Your attorney also knows the process of filing the claim and making sure all the necessary documents get collected, signed, and delivered. Personal injury lawyers give support for when it’s time to settle or go to trial. He ensures you receive the best settlement possible. 

This is why you need a skilled and dedicated personal injury lawyers like Guajardo and Marks. They have the track record of winning trials and obtaining settlements.

Schedule a Consultation

Whether you’re hospitalized with fractured ribs or an amputated limb if these injuries are the result of an accident you need to seek legal counsel. Lawyers for personal injury representation defend your claim. Ensuring justice gets served.

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