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Let’s Get Organized! 6 Warehouse Storage Solutions to Whip Your Warehouse Into Shape

Do you operate a warehouse that houses products of different shapes and sizes? Are you looking for a new storage system that keeps items where they need to be?

If so, then it’s important for you to know about the different warehouse storage systems available in your industry. These systems take into account how your products are designed and the care they need for staying in prime condition.

With our knowledge of business management, your warehouse will stay organized on a regular basis.

Here are six warehouse storage solutions to whip your warehouse into shape.

1. Static Shelving

Some of our warehouse storage tips are best for organizations handling lightweight items or those in small amounts at a time. A prime example is static shelving, which keeps your items in one place.

Use static shelving if you normally rely on people to lift and move your items and/or don’t store items on high levels. This will save you money on forklifts and other heavy equipment that have a high price.

2. Mobile Shelving

Today’s technology allows for the warehousing industry to improve on spacing. In this case, you can try mobile shelving, which allows you to adjust aisles so that employees can reach items.

Mobile shelving involves using level tracks that you can build into the floor or use manually. Consider shelving that includes locking systems so that you can access items when you need to. 

3. Pallet Racking

We also have warehouse storage solutions for people who operate larger warehouses. Among them is pallet racking, which involves putting boxes of items on a pallet for a forklift to put in the right spot.

With a push back rack, you can store heavy material to match your weight limits. Pallets are often made of metal, wood, or plastic to keep items in large boxes in one place.

4. Wire Partitions

The best storage for warehouses allows your team to access items when they are needed. That’s where wire partitions come in, as they keep products in cages that you can construct and open quickly.

We also recommend wire partitions for warehouses that store fragile items or those that need extra security. Your items will have an easier time staying in boxes, which ensures safety for your workers if you store at higher levels.

5. Mezzanine Flooring

Warehouse companies with bigger budgets may want to consider mezzanine flooring for their storage. This flooring involves creating extra floors so that you have more room for items and moving around the warehouse.

You can store heavier items and boxes on the bottom floors and lighter ones on the top floors. Some mezzanine floorings also give you the option of lighting, conveyors, and other features to make finding and delivering items easier.

6. Multi-Tier Racking

When it comes to handling large amounts of small items, multi-tier racking is the best option for warehouse storage. You can organize your products so that you can fit as many in one place as possible to save space.

In case you operate multiple warehouses of different sizes, you’ll enjoy being able to adjust tiers based on the height of your facilities. This gives each of your items a place to stay and more room to move through the warehouse.

Our Take on Warehouse Storage

Warehouse storage solutions come in different forms based on the type of items you deal with, how much room you have, and what tools will keep them safe.

Consider these options so that you can keep your warehouse organized.

For more business management expertise, check out our guides today to maintain proper production and customer satisfaction.