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Making Money Off Grid: 3 Tips for the Modern Mountain Man

There are more than 1.7 billion people living off the grid around the world, with 180,000 in the U.S. alone. The fact is, this is a trend that is growing, with more and more people choosing this way of life with every year that passes.

If you are a modern mountain man – or woman – you may wonder what options, you have to make money to sustain your life. The good news is, there are several ways you can do this.

Keep reading to learn how to make money while living off the land.

1. Sell Farm Produce

To run a full-scale farm, you have to invest money and energy – and a lot of both. Even with these investments, you are still going to be hard pressed to find any farmer who is doing exceptionally well financially.

If you want to earn income from your farm products, skip the bigger commodities. This includes things like CSA vegetables, eggs, milk and pork. Instead, choose higher value crops, such as maple syrup, mushrooms, vegetable plant starts, grafted fruit trees, worm castings, hatching chicks and eggs, and saved seeds from your heirloom vegetables.

Keep in mind, it may be necessary to use some type of heat source, such as a solar generator, to successfully hatch eggs. Be sure you are prepared with the right equipment.

2. Hiking and Camping

Do you own a larger piece of land? Does your property border a National Park or National Forest? If so, why not open up the land you don’t use as much for all type of adventure outings.

By doing this, you can sell access, make money, and give people a new place to explore. Just make sure to make the lands safe. For example, learn more about trail bridges, safeguarding dangerous cliffs and other important factors, to limit your liability if someone is injured while on your property.

3. Sell Wildcrafted or Foraged Products

With modern development moving at a rapid pace, less of the world’s land than ever is still “wild” and in an untouched state. If you are living off-grid, your homestead offers you the perfect place to harvest these wild treasures.

Once you have them, you can sell to any under-served market nearby. Some things to consider selling include morel mushrooms and ramps, which are only available for a short time each season. If you find a productive patch, it can help you make quite a bit of money.

Another option is to collect wild edibles. These are easy to find and identify and will fetch a pretty good price in urban markets. One example is sumac powder, which is gaining popularity due to the increase in demand for ethnic cuisine.

Make Money and Enjoy Your Life as a Modern Mountain Man

As a modern mountain man, or woman, there are options for you to make money while living off the grid. Consider some of the suggestions here to get started.

If you aren’t quite as wild, and you are looking for information on how to start a business, then we have you covered. Our goal is to be the go-to resource for finding innovative and traditional ways to make money.