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Making the Workplace Uniform: Top 5 Uniform Benefits

If you run a business, it’s awesome when your employees have a professional, buttoned-up look.

Whether you allow business-casual every day or you’re more of a casual Fridays fan, there are many uniform benefits that can give your company a nice, streamlined appearance.

A work uniform helps to create a feeling of teamwork, which results in a better atmosphere overall. Take a look at these five great benefits of using work uniforms.

1. You’re Getting Free Promotion and Advertising

When your employees sport something with the company logo, people start to notice. Think of t-shirts, hats, and polos emblazoned with your logo and phone number as a form of free advertisement.

Make sure the uniforms you choose show the logo prominently so it’s easy to see. If you offer a service, consider adding the phone number underneath, especially on articles of clothing like t-shirts.

In essence, your team becomes living, walking billboards that members of the community will see. You may need to debrief your employees on how to behave and interact in public while wearing their work uniform.

How your employees behave is a direct reflection on your company, and it can come back to bite you. Remind everyone of the importance of representing the business in a professional manner at all times when wearing your uniforms.

Work uniforms are also a great thing to have when your employees go to trade shows.

2. Security Uniform Benefits

If everyone in your workplace dresses similarly and with the company logo or color, it’s much easier to know who belongs in your building. Having everyone dress closely or even completely alike can actually increase your overall security.

For instance, if someone comes into the building who shouldn’t be there, they’ll most likely notice the uniforms and be more careful of where they go. From a trespasser to a confused customer, having uniforms can also help everyone else easily identify folks who shouldn’t be there or at least be in certain general areas.

Talk to your employees about security protocol so they know exactly what to look for when they see someone they don’t recognize. Have these guidelines in place so that everyone knows what to do if something seems astray.

3. You Could Save Your Employees Money

Perhaps one of the unexpected uniform benefits is that you could be saving your employees money in the long run. Whether you offer uniforms at no cost or charge a minimal amount of money, it’s still likely cheaper than if they were to come in wearing their own clothing.

With uniforms, employees won’t need to worry about budgeting for additional clothing for work. Instead, they’ll be able to put on their uniform every day and not have to think about what outfit to wear.

You can do a payroll deduction for the cost of the uniforms or offer to give them to your employees for free. The choice is yours, but many companies do at least charge a nominal amount of money for uniforms.

Either way, it’s sure to be less than what many people pay to wear business attire or other professional clothing. Another added bonus? If your uniforms are part of a rental program, employees can save on laundering them as well.

4. It Creates a Sense of Teamwork

When everyone is wearing a work uniform, it makes their place of employment feel like more of a team. Not everyone has to match exactly, but sporting the company logo reminds your workers that they’re all there for a common goal.

Get creative with your uniforms and have a logo-creating contest. You could even have employees design something new like motorcycle vest patches that represent the company in a new way.

Wearing a company uniform doesn’t have to be boring. Feel free to inject a bit of humor into your logo or tagline, which will foster a feeling of belonging and fun in the workplace.

When people come to work, they’ll feel positive and look at their place of employment like family. Having similar uniforms fosters a feeling of belonging, and it can also help everyone treat each other on a more level playing field.

5. Achieve Better Safety

If your company requires uniforms, it can have a number of safety benefits, too. For example, if you work in an industrial setting, you can designate various color coding to different workers.

The color-coded uniform system will ensure that everyone remains in their particular area so that only qualified workers enter these spaces. This works especially well in a factory, construction, and other industrial settings.

Work uniforms may also prevent potentially serious problems like cross-contamination. This is especially prudent in the medical and science fields as well as food service. Preventing cross-contamination is paramount in these types of industries.

In situations where visibility is a concern such as an airport or construction site, choose brightly-colored uniforms. These pieces of clothing will help to make your employees easier to see by others and vehicles that will ultimately keep them safe. 

Uniforms Create a Better Workplace

Whether it’s better safety, helping your employees with their clothing budget, or creating a company culture, there are plenty of excellent uniform benefits.

Create a uniform that really displays what your company stands for, and one that represents your people well. Over time, your business will be easily recognizable by customers and the community alike.

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