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Merlot at Your Doorstep: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Selling Wine Online

The future is here. Rather than buying wine at the grocery store and drinking it at home, you can buy it online. Then, you can enjoy sipping wine virtually without leaving the comfort of your home.

It’s a huge market waiting to be filled. Selling wine online can net companies huge profits and can help create a new cottage industry of online alcohol sales. There is a lot of demand for it, from average drinkers to twenty-somethings who party every weekend.

You can be the person who rises to the cause and delivers wine to people’s homes. You can be there when they need them most. All you need to do is rise to the occasion and start selling wine online.

Keep reading below to learn how to get started!

Consider the Kinds of Wine to Sell

You may think that online wine sales aren’t known for their quality. It may just seem like an easy solution for getting wine when you don’t want to leave home. Yet, in reality, people expect the best out of their wine whether it’s bought online or from a store.

Investing in the quality of what you sell will attract more customers. You’ll also be able to save money by cutting out some distribution costs, which can be used to buy a higher-quality stock. People take everything from promotional wine labels to the kind of wine into consideration before making a purchase.

So make sure you only stock the best.

Selling Wine Online Takes Two Licences

Since you’re transporting a regulated substance, there are rules you need to follow before you can start mailing first-class booze. First, there are several states in the US that will outright not allow you to sell alcohol online. Yet, there are some states that exclusively allow wine sales.

You also still need to ensure you only sell to people who are 21 or older. That means someone needs to sign for the package when it’s delivered. Finally, you also need two different licenses to operate legally.

Your State Liquor Licence

Since you’ll sell alcohol, you need a license to handle it. Just like with any other liquor store, you need to be licensed by the state to prove you’re responsible enough for it. You’ll also need a license for every state you ship to.

Unfortunately, many states have a limited number of licenses they can give. You may end up needing to purchase a license from an already-established business.

A Direct Shipper Permit

You’ll also need a direct shipper permit, which makes you legally allowed to send alcohol through the mail. Just like getting a liquor license, you may need to get a permit from each state you deliver to.

The Online Wine Selling Market Needs You

Selling wine online will take work and dedication. There are more legal gymnastics to go through, and people will still expect you to stock the best. Just like with any company, there is never a sure guarantee that your venture will succeed.

Yet, it will fulfill a demand people have as they adapt to online retailers. Why should they need to drive to a liquor store in a time when they can groceries delivered to their doorstep?

It’s time for you to start your next online business and share your love for wine with the internet. And if you need help navigating the bureaucratic maze of licenses and regulations, just contact us. We will put together templates you can use for licenses, permits, and anything else you could need!