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Mild-Mannered Janitor: 10 Tips for Making Your Janitorial Business a Success

The janitorial services industry is a whole lot more competitive than you might think.

There are more than 765,000 companies operating within the space at the moment. They clean everything from small schools to gigantic commercial buildings. And they’ve helped the janitorial services industry grow into a market that’s reportedly worth more than $50 billion.

Do you want to make sure your janitorial and building cleaning business stands out in the crowd? There are some simple ways that you can gain a leg up on your competition while earning more business for your company in the process.

Here are 10 tips for making your janitorial business a massive success.

1. Come Up With the Right Name For Your Business

One of the very first things that you’re going to need to do when you start putting together your janitorial and building cleaning business is come up with a name for it.

Your name should give people some indication of what your company does. It should also capture their attention when they hear it and prove to be memorable.

Whether you go with something that’s on the serious side (“Smith Janitorial Company”) or something more lighthearted (“We Klean Messes 4 U”), you can really set the tone for your entire company by coming up with the right name for it.

2. Figure Out the Right Cleaning Services to Offer

Outside of coming up with the best name for your janitorial and building cleaning business, you’re also going to have to pay some serious mind to what services you’ll offer to clients.

Just about all janitorial companies cover the basics, such as dusting, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and more. But are you going to:

  • Deep clean carpets?
  • Polish floors?
  • Sanitize bathrooms?
  • Powerwash exterior surfaces?
  • Handle waste management?

The services that your company offers are what will set you apart from all the rest. You can enhance your brand by delivering services that other companies wouldn’t even think to provide.

3. Create an Amazing Website For Your Company

In order to run a successful janitorial business in 2019, you 100 percent need to have a website that potential clients can refer to before obtaining your services. Work with a web developer to build one.

Your website should be clean and concise and provide people with the information they need about you and your business. From your company history to your contact info, everything needs to be laid out in a way that’s easy to read.

4. Hire the Right People to Work For You

When you first start a janitorial and building cleaning business, you might handle delivering a lot of your cleaning services to clients yourself. But as you grow, you’re going to need to surround yourself with the right kinds of people.

Your employees should be:

  • Hardworking
  • Dedicated
  • Responsible
  • Experienced
  • Committed
  • And so much more!

You only want the best of the best working for your company. Come up with a hiring process that will filter out unqualified candidates and allow the cream to rise to the top.

5. Set Goals For Your Employees and For Yourself

Your employees should know exactly what you expect out of them from the minute they start working for you. An easy way to let them know your expectations is by setting goals for them.

You should also set goals for yourself and for your company as a whole. If you haven’t come up with 2019 janitorial business goals yet, now is the time to do it. It’ll keep everyone on track throughout the year.

6. Test Cleaning Products Out and Use the Most Effective Ones

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cleaning products on the market today. From standard cleaning sprays to more advanced cleaning equipment, you should test as many products as you can to see how they work.

Once you have a good sense of which products will allow you to do a great job, invest in them and seek to get the best price on them. Continue testing new products as they’re released, too, to see if you need to update your cleaning arsenal.

7. Provide the Best Possible Customer Service to Clients

You can provide the best services, the best employees, and the best cleaning products for your clients. But if your customer service stinks, your company will suffer as a result of it.

Make it your mission to provide all your clients with the best customer service in the business. It’ll make all the difference in the world and keep your clients coming back to you for your services.

8. Offer Fair and Affordable Prices to Customers

Your janitorial and building cleaning business doesn’t necessarily need to undercut the competition as far as pricing is considered to be successful. But you will need to set your customers up with fair and affordable prices that they feel comfortable paying.

Check out how much your competitors are charging for their services and strive to keep your rates competitive. But make sure you’re offering more value to your customers so that your rates look more attractive to people.

9. Welcome Feedback From Clients and Put It to Good Use

What could your janitorial and building cleaning business be doing better?

It’s good to self-evaluate from time to time so that you can improve upon your weaknesses. But it’s also good to seek feedback from your clients.

Maybe your clients wish you spent a little more time cleaning bathrooms and a little less time worrying about tidying up lobby areas. Or maybe they wish you used greener products as opposed to ones that are harmful to the environment.

Ask your clients for their honest feedback and use it make changes within your organization as you move forward.

10. Do Whatever It Takes to Stack Up Glowing Reviews

Positive online reviews and customer testimonials are going to play a big part in your company’s success. When you have a bunch of them, it’ll be easy to convince new clients to come on board and use your services.

From providing awesome services to clients to making customer service a top priority, you should do whatever you need to do to earn as many glowing reviews as you can.

Get Your Janitorial and Building Cleaning Business Off the Ground

Your janitorial and building cleaning business is going to face a lot of competition in your area.

By embracing the tips you’ve learned here, you can face that competition head-on and come out victorious. You can also lay a solid foundation for your company’s future.

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