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Move Better: The Top 5 Benefits of Physical Therapy

Has your doctor recommended that you see a physical therapist? Maybe a friend or family member has seen you in pain and has suggested you try physical therapy. You may be wary of the treatment, but countless people have benefited from physical therapy.

Physical therapy can treat your condition and help you save money by avoiding additional medical care. In fact, studies have shown that physical therapy has saved some patients up to 72% in medical treatment costs. There are many other reasons to choose this treatment, and we have five physical therapy benefits to share with you below.

1. Reduce Pain – One of the Most Important Physical Therapy Benefits

Most people who seek physical therapy so do because they are in pain. Your physical therapist will use therapeutic exercises and manual therapy to help ease your current pain, and hopefully, prevent future pain. Treatments like joint and soft tissue mobilization and electrical stimulation can restore muscle and joint function to help reduce pain.

2. Improve Movement Abilities – Stretch and Strengthen to Restore Mobility

If you’ve lost mobility, or have trouble walking or standing, physical therapy can help. Depending on your unique mobility issues, your physical therapist will create a customized treatment plan. Your therapist can also fit you for a cane, crutches, or other orthotic device if needed.

3. Avoid Surgery – Physical Therapy Can Help Heal Injuries

If your injury or condition isn’t too serious, you may be able to use physical therapy to avoid a major surgical procedure. The right therapy treatment can help reduce pain and encourage healing. And if you can avoid surgery, you may feel better sooner, and you can save in medical costs, too.

4. Surgery Recovery – Rebuild Muscle and Regain Strength

If you do end up needing surgery, physical therapy can help you prepare beforehand and recover. For surgery recovery, your physical therapist may use a CPM machine to help rehab your muscles and ligaments. They may suggest you rent a machine to use at home, too, and you can do a search for CPM machine rental near me to find options.

5. Improve Balance – Protect Yourself From Fall Risk as You Age

If you’re facing issues with balance, physical therapy can help you improve your balance so you can feel safe. Your physical therapist can lead you through safe exercises designed to carefully challenge your balance and enhance it. This can be especially helpful if you are recovering from stroke, have vertigo, or are experiencing challenges related to aging.

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