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Moving On Up: How To Expand Your Small Business Office Space Without Relocating

There will come a time when your small business office space isn’t enough.

You see your business start gaining traction. Sales are rolling in and you’re hiring like crazy. Before long, space is starting to get cramped!

What can you do that doesn’t involve relocating? Quite a lot, actually.

You will learn smart ways to maximize the workspace by this article’s end. You’ll also learn a few tricks companies use to get the most out of limited space. So, stick around and let’s get to work making your workspace work for you.

Making a Small Business Office Space Feel Big 

Relocating your small office during growing pains is a serious consideration. There’s downtime during the move but also the pain of higher costs. It may come as a surprise you don’t need to move — you can optimize the existing space, instead.

Here are a few business organization ideas, and work strategies, to make the small space seem big.

1. Use Third-Party Services Whenever You Can

There are several services you can push into the cloud. Or, onto third-party providers — letting them handle the management on your behalf.

Try pushing off:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Backups and recovery
  • Phone systems
  • Bookkeeping and payroll
  • Answering services

Each of these requires one less role filled at the office meaning more space. You also avoid having to house clunky hardware systems. Plus, you’ll save good money outsourcing as you’ll find services very competitively priced.

2. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

You can avoid big workstations for most (if not all) employees depending on the business type. Instead, introduce a BYOD policy letting employees use their devices for work-related tasks.

Employees could bring:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Phones

You could swap from desktop programs to mobile apps. Or, use an interconnected printer for all needs versus one on each desk. This also lets them take work home (if they wanted) which could later open up remote working.

3. Get Wicked Smart with Your Organization

Embrace your inner Marie Kondo and start tidying up. There are several ways to go about this in the office and outside it. 

From the inside:

  • Switch to wireless tech or practice cable management
  • Go paperless for every business service/doc you can
  • Use vertical storage spaces and maximize overhead areas

From the outside:

  • Consider storage units and read more about what they offer
  • Install organization in company vehicles to house more daily items
  • Cater lunches so you can convert part of the kitchen into usable space

Simple things like making employees accountable for their space helps. This gets everyone on board with keeping the place tidy. And, they may present solutions that could improve the small business organization.

4. Reuse and Upcycle What You Can

Ordering new supplies take up space and get out of hand. You can keep things organized and help save the planet by reusing items. This includes your basic office supplies to encouraging exchanges.

Ideas for you:

  • Print on used printer paper if it’s not super important
  • Reuse boxes for logistics if it’s not branded by another company
  • Encourage glasses and plates if employees are eating there

Treat your business like you would treat your home. Strive to reduce your impact by adopting green practices and recycling routines. This cuts down on waste which is not only helpful but won’t take up space.

5. Get the Workstations Mobile

Open workspaces are all the rage. Did you know you can add mobility to the workstations without locking down the floor plan? Indeed, a bit of handy work and tools go a long way in this small business organization hack.

You could try:

  • Adding wheels to desks to let them shift around where need be
  • Installing standing desk converters and ditching the chairs
  • Set up the kitchen area as a workspace if one so desires

You could let employees dictate where they work, too, by introducing that BYOD policy. This lets employees set up where they’re comfortable. Many will find little corners to occupy, freeing up more common space for everyone else.

6. Purge and Declutter (Often)

Make a habit out of purging and decluttering the workplace. This is doubly so for those storage areas where you’re holding onto old equipment. In fact, you could make a few bucks offing some old junk on eBay!


  • Old computers and business hardware
  • Documents that are no longer relevant or useful
  • Furniture and older, clunkier versions of themselves

…and really anything that’s taking up space that doesn’t need to be there.

Get everyone involved with tidying up the workspace. Let employees dictate what goes based on what they do and don’t use. And, curb hoarding tendencies since you know you won’t use those items anymore.

7. Introduce More Natural Light

The overhead lighting? That’s not really a problem. What is are the desk lamps and light sources littered throughout the space.

  • Open up the windows and let in natural light if possible
  • Consider installing recessed lighting and smart light fixtures
  • Hire a contractor to open up a wall for the light

Adding more natural light will improve employee productivity and wellbeing, too. This can roll into them helping keep the office tidy and organized. Or, at least staying active and not taking up much space because they’re on-the-move.

8. Embrace Automation

Is your warehouse part of the small business space? If so, you can add automated inventory tracking to keep items organized. You no longer have items floating shelf-to-shelf, everything has its place.

You could also automate:

  • Time clocks and payroll
  • Work routines
  • Communications

Like third-party services, this reduces overhead so you can invest in organization tools. Or, avoid having to fill those roles altogether thus saving you space.

Be One with Your Workspace

The small business office space is a bit of a living thing when you think about it. It grows and expands as time goes on. Often, it seems to accumulate stuff without any real source — it’s there as it goes.

Maximize your space and start organizing before it’s overwhelming. Try some of the tips and tricks you learn in this post. And, perhaps consider cleaning services when the job gets too tough for you and the crew.