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Need a Paystub? No Problem!: How to Make Paystubs in 5 Steps or Less

A pay stub is an important way to verify your income. Read more to learn how to make your own pay stubs in just 5 easy steps or less!

There are many reasons to have a few pay stubs handy. A lot of big, important things require them. Shopping for a car, moving to a new apartment or applying for a loan all ask you to produce your pay stubs.

It’s not a problem if your employer regularly gives them out. But there are many reasons you might not have them handy.

There’s no federal law that makes employers provide employees with pay stubs. And almost 50% of the populace are freelancers, a position where pay stubs are hard to come by.

So what happens if you need one? Don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect solution.

You’ll learn how to make pay stubs in five easy steps with this pay stub creation guide.

1. Make Sure The Amounts Are Exact

First things first – figure out what you’ve been paid for the work you’ve done down to the last dime. Accountants usually do this work but when it comes to documenting your own income, it’s up to you to be precise.

Rounding up or estimates are big red flags to anyone looking at employee pay stubs. Mark down each dollar and cent exactly without fudging any numbers.

2. Edit Your Information

You might think you don’t have to double check when you make your own pay stub but it’s important to look at it twice.

Here’s what to look for when editing your pay stub:

  • No typos or spelling errors
  • It’s clear and easy to read
  • All sums are correct and numbers are accurate
  • Quality and legibility of formatting

Keep these things in mind when making your own pay stub and always double check your work.

3. Must-Haves In An Employee Pay Stub

There’s certain info that no well-made pay stub can be without. If you’re not used to making pay stubs, it’s easy to miss one of them.

Here’s what you must always include:

  • Deductions, contributions, and taxes: Things like 401K and health benefits are in this category
  • Gross pay: How much you make before subtracting deductions
  • Net pay: What’s left over after deductions aka your take-home pay

Don’t create a pay stub without this important information!

4. Use The Right Program

Besides being accurate, your pay stubs need to look professional. Here’s how to make pay stubs that look great: get the right pay stub program.

A good pay stub generator can produce quality pay stubs as you need them. It’s just as easy as plugging in the necessary information.

  1. Don’t Think It’s One And Done

If you’re in the position where you’re not getting pay stubs but need to produce them, don’t wait until the last minute.

Take time out of every month to sit down and document your income. That way you have a steady database to pull from when you need it.

How To Make Pay Stubs and More

As you can see, making pay stubs is pretty easy. There’s no excuse to not have them at the ready.

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Don’t see what you need? Contact us – we’re always ready to help!