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New Clients, Ahoy! How to Generate Strong Leads for Your Legal Practice

Imagine the situation your potential clients are in when they need you. They’re likely going through something difficult.

They don’t care about your fancy law degrees or your swanky offices. They want help to solve their problems. It’s all about them because they’re in a tough legal situation.

That mindset comes in handy when you’re figuring out how to generate leads for your legal services.

If you can show that you understand those problems and can solve them, you’re better able to connect with clients and generate leads. 

How do you get that message across? We’ve got effective lead generation ideas that’ll work for your law firm. 

Content Marketing Through Blogging

When someone has a legal issue, what’s the first thing they do? They Google their common legal questions

Can I get a free case evaluation to see if Roundup caused my cancer? Can my ex-spouse demand visitation rights? Can I switch lawyers during my trial?

Those Google searches are the key to capturing free leads on your website. How? You need to start using content marketing. 

Content marketing simply means providing information for free. Why would you want to give away legal advice for free?

Well, you’re not giving away everything. You’re giving enough to build trust and encourage readers to come to you for legal help.

Think about what type of problems your clients have for your specific area of law. You’re not trying to capture all the web traffic for every legal question every asked. You only want to capture the audience with a problem you can solve.

Write quality content about those topics on your blog. Include keywords to your blog show up in online searches.

Don’t stop at blogging. Reach potential clients via other online channels like YouTube videos, ebooks, and webinars. All of these content marketing methods get your name out there and potentially land you clients.

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is a free answer for how to generate leads for your law firm. Build an online presence through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other top social media channels.

Choose your platform based on social media demographics and your target audience. Facebook is popular among most age groups with 2.38 billion active users every month. Instagram is more popular with a younger demographic.

Post images and useful information regularly on your social media channels. Just like content marketing, you want to offer enough info to establish yourself as an expert in your area of law without giving it all away for free. 

You’ll generate leads more effectively through social media with you engage with your followers. That means responding to their comments and thanking them for their shares. Ask questions and encourage people to respond.

Problem-Solving Mentality

Does all your marketing revolve around you, your law experience, and what you do? Flip it around to make it all about your clients. Use your website and marketing materials to let your clients know you understand those problems and can help.

Say you specialize in family law. Instead of saying you have 25 years in handling divorces and family legal situations, talk about the problems you’ll solve for your clients.

Maybe a parent needs help getting visitation rights, collecting child support, or mediating a difficult divorce. When you focus on solving problems, you show your clients it’s all about them.

How to Generate Leads Successfully

Figuring out how to generate leads for your law firm can seem overwhelming. But it really comes down to connecting with people and solving their problems. Read more tips for growing your law firm in our business articles.