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Exploding vape mods are not an unknown. It is estimated that between 2015 and 2017, 2000 Americans were sent to the hospital because their vapes exploded or burned them.  That isn’t to say that you should stop vaping: millions of people do every single day in the United States. It is a tiny proportion that [...]

If you’re looking to start a business in America right now, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. Smaller business confidence is higher than it has been in years, with investment levels and profits inching higher and higher in 2020. However, not all states are created equal. When looking for the best states to open [...]

Are you struggling with focus, productivity, and procrastination? Have you tried everything under the sun but still can’t get anything done? Then you need productivity tools that’ll remember stuff for you and prompt you to complete each task. Whether you work from home or for a company, the success of your workday is often measured [...]

Did you know that 81% of shoppers do online research before they make a purchase? If your business isn’t paying attention to the digital world, you could be missing out on gaining tons of new customers and building a loyal following. Not only will you have more positive experiences communicating with customers, but you can [...]

Hiring the most qualified people for a job is merely the beginning. No matter how knowledgable an employee is, there will be practices and subjects that they need training for. Like it or not, staff training sessions have a reputation for being boring and unhelpful. How do you turn it around and more productive, engaging [...]