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Productive in the Workplace: How to Engage Employees and Drive Up Productivity

Employee engagement and productivity are vastly important for the success of your business. Why’s that? Because your employees are the ones who make things happen.

People who’re higher up in the company can delegate and assign all they want, but if those things don’t get done, the company won’t thrive.

So how can you increase your employees’ productivity? What will keep them engaged in their jobs?

If these questions have been on your mind, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ways you can help your employees become more productive in the workplace.

Utilize Intranet Software

Are your important employee documents spread out all over the place? If employees need to search through emails, memos, and paper files to find the document they need, that hurts their productivity.

To avoid this issue, utilize intranet software. It’ll help you keep all important documents in one place. And, thanks to modern technology, they’ll have access to them wherever they’re working.

Whether your employees need access to procedures, manuals, or safety information, it can all be stored in one central location.

Find Out What Drives Your Employees

You can read tips and ideas all day and not end up with the right solution if you don’t know your employees. To really help them become more productive, you need to find out what drives your specific employees.

What keeps them engaged? What helps them care about the tasks they perform?

Some people are extremely driven by goals. Numbers alone can help them rise to the occasion. But that’s not the case for everyone.

So you’re going to have to talk to your employees. Find out what makes an ideal workplace for them, and what motivates them to work hard. Then take those things into consideration when creating an employee engagement plan.

Acknowledge that Money Plays a Part

As much as you may not want to think about it, money is a huge part of why your employees are there. Some of them probably would have chosen a different profession if it could pay as well as this one.

Money is a big motivator for many. But sticking to the daily grind when nothing out of the ordinary happens can get really old.

Commissions, promotions, and bonuses are huge. If your employees know these things are possible rewards for performing well, they may put more effort into their jobs. If they know that there’s no hope of a financial reward for working harder and becoming better, some will stick to accomplishing the bare minimum.

Make Sure They Have the Tools They Need

Your employees likely need several tools to accomplish their daily tasks. The obvious ones might include a computer, a desk, and a chair.

You can’t stop there when it comes to outfitting your employees, though. They should have all the tools they need to successfully track time, collaborate with fellow employees, and get their job done.

A key ingredient to boosting productivity is making sure all your employees are set up right. Otherwise, it may be harder for them to get their work done than it should be.

Make Productivity Measurable

It’s hard to know how productive you’re being if you don’t have anything to measure against. Because of this, you need to find a way to measure what your employees are doing.

Your measurements could include how many customers they helped, how many boxes of office supplies made it to the right team, or how many marketing emails were sent out. Whatever your employees do, there should be something you (and they) can measure.

Once you determine what’s measurable, set a baseline. This will help you and your employees see how far they’ve come as improvements occur. It’ll also help you spot problem areas.

Pay Attention at All Times

Engagements and productivity should be on the minds of all team members at all times. That doesn’t mean they should be glued to a screen that shows how well everyone is doing, though.

This simply means that a yearly one-on-one isn’t enough. Your employees need to know that you care about productivity and their engagement all the time, not just at the end of the year.

Find a way to implement regular checks without being overbearing.

Improve Your Recruiting

One way to make sure you have an engaged workforce is to start from the very beginning. As you begin recruiting, look for people who have those engaging and productive traits you’re looking for.

Obviously, to some extent, you won’t perfectly know how someone will perform once they’re on the job. But their skills, past employment, and personality can tell you a lot.

Let Them Have Fun

Very few people like a work environment that’s strictly about work. So don’t forget to lighten up sometimes!

Employee team competitions, lunch parties, and other activities can really help your employees loosen up. This will help them feel more comfortable and happy at work.

The culture you create in the workplace goes a long way when it comes to engagement and productivity. So make sure that culture is a good one.

Keep Your Employees Productive in the Workplace

Keeping employees productive in the workplace is essential to the life of your business. And while it’s not always the easiest task on your list, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Keep these tips in mind as you work to up your employee engagement and productivity. They’ll help you create an environment that’s better for everyone since satisfaction will likely increase.

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