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Raise the Roof: How to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Roofing Clients

Facebook is the single biggest marketing platform for roofing contractors at the moment. To succeed in Facebook marketing, you need to learn the behavior of traffic on the platform and what the target audience wants. Looking to get more clients for your roofing business? Facebook makes it easy with its popular ad platform. See how to generate roofing leads with Facebook.

Create a Compelling Offer

A compelling offer is very important for a roofing contractor. The idea here is to create an offer that will make the reader look back at this roofing service and realize that they actually need it. A compelling offer must attract the right prospect, must have low friction, and must have a high value. That’s how to generate roofing leads.

A low friction offer is one that’s simple and has no barriers. For example, if you decide to give some free gifts to those who place an order for your service, don’t add some barriers like “only valid with orders over $500.” This is will turn off many of your prospective clients.

A high-value offer is one that literally forces a reader to give your services a try. For example, you can give them higher discounts or free inspection. Of course, at the end of the free inspection, the customer may place an order depending on the outcome of the inspection – a very simple trick of how to generate roofing leads.

Roof Leads Generation Needs the Right Audience

As a roofing contractor, it is most likely that you are bounded by geography, meaning you can only work within a certain city, borough, or state. To set your target just use a combination of radii, zip codes, and addresses to let Facebook know your target area.

For example, if you want roofing leads from within Jacksonville, just type the name of that city and your location targeting is all set.

Create an Awesome Facebook AD

Facebook offers four Ad types that you can choose from. These are video/slideshow ads, lead ads, carousel ads, and banner ads. All these ad types work well, so you can choose any of them then come up with a great ad copy to help you in converting prospects into new leads.

Still Asking How to Generate Roofing Leads? Create a Great AD Copy

An Ad copy is the clickable text of an advert. It is that part of the advert designed to get the reader to take action or respond. The aim of the ad copy is to increase conversion rates and profits. To come up with an effective ad copy, you can use the AIDA model (AIDA is an acronym for Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action).

Your ad copy should grab the viewers’ attention and create an interest in them. The interest should bring a desire to take action.

Now You Know How to Generate Roofing Leads, Go Ahead and Implement It

You need to remember that Facebook is a place where people go to pass time, it is not a place they go to look for roofing services. But by using the right Facebook marketing strategies, you can win them over so they can check out what you have to offer.

If you want more business tips or you want to learn more about how to generate roofing leads, you can visit our blog.