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Ratings and Reviews: How to Ask for Testimonials from Law Firm Clients

Trust is a cornerstone of law. People trust it to be fair and that the people who practice know what they’re doing it. While you may not be able to do anything about the first part, there are many ways to get people to trust you.

All you need to do is market yourself. And part of marketing yourself effectively is by knowing how to ask for testimonials. Testimonials tell potential clients that you’re an effective and hard-working lawyer who impressed them.

Putting together a testimonial takes clients’ time. If they agree to leave one at all, it means that you were outstanding in some way, no matter what they say. All you need to do to get some is ask clients to leave them.

And doing that is easier than it sounds. Keep reading below to learn how to ask clients to leave testimonials, and why they’re more important than you think.

Knowing How To Ask For Testimonials Is Essential

Would you buy something from someone online if they had no reviews? If you’re the first one to try buying something from someone, you have no way of knowing whether they’re trustworthy. You can’t tell if it’s likely the thing you bought will arrive broken or not.

The same principle applies to law firms. Before people decide on a law firm to help them, they like to know if the firm was used before. They want to know if they can trust the firm, and to do that, they need to know if other people trust it.

That’s why testimonials are so essential to your overall marketing plan. You can control your brand as much as you want and get as many backlinks as you want, and never see any results without them. Trust is fundamental to marketing, and testimonials are fundamental to building trust.

Give Clients An Easy Rating System

Whenever people give testimonials, they don’t want to spend too much time on it. Their time is important too, so any way to streamline the process will benefit them and you. And the best way to streamline things is by developing an easy review system.

Just by creating a 5-star rating system or something else just as easy to use, you may see immediate results. If all people have to do is tap five stars to let people know how much they appreciate you, they’ll do it.

Ask For Specific Details

Easy rating systems are good to start building a reputation, but building a brand is harder. Your brand entails more than what people think of you; it tells newcomers what you’re all about and who you are. Most importantly, it humanizes you lets people know that there’s more to the firm than just a bottom line.

For example, a quick glance at the Julie Johnson Law brand will reveal that they are all about the city they serve. They’re community-oriented and specialize in many different kinds of cases to help as many people as possible. It’s a brand people can immediately trust because they likely relate to it, if they live in the community.

When you ask for specific details, you invite people to say something about what they think of you. You invite them to build your brand for you, and if you do good work, your brand will naturally be good too.

Where Did It All Begin?

One of the things people look for when choosing a law firm is the story behind it. They want to learn more than just what fields the firm specializes it – they want to know what sort of people use it. New clients want to know whether they’re the first ones in their unique circles to hire the firm.

If you ask clients to include how they found you in their testimonial, you can establish yourself as an authority in certain areas. For example, if a lot of people say they found you through a recommendation from a coworker, new clients may think you’re good with labor law. 

By finding out where people hear about you from, you can also develop your overall marketing strategy. After you learn the areas where you’re most present, build up your brand in those specific places. Whether it’s online or in specific groups, you can create a name for yourself based on where your journies with clients begin.

Get Their Pictures

New clients can sometimes be paranoid about the validity of different testimonials. The internet is so wreaked with bots and fake reviews that it can be hard to know what is true. To counteract this, it’s a good practice to ask clients if you can use their picture.

Your picture should be candid and taken on-the-spot. Or, you can ask clients to submit pictures of themselves that they like. That way the picture and the testimonial will seem less artificial.

When people see that an actual person left a testimonial, they’re more likely to trust it. That means they’re more likely to trust you.

Encourage Them To Review You Elsewhere

Having a testimonial page on your website isn’t enough to attract new clients. Most people find businesses through Google or Yelp. Just like clients depend on these services to find the companies they need, businesses depend on them for clients.

That’s why it’s important to have good reviews on things like Google and Yelp. If the first impression people will have of you will inevitably be through those services, you want to ensure it’s a good one.

Luckily, Google and other websites feature easy forms people can fill out to quickly leave their thoughts. Let your clients know that it shouldn’t take more than a minute to leave a good review of you where it matters most!

Testimonials Are Just Reviews

There’s no reason you shouldn’t ask for testimonials from your clients. Knowing how to ask for testimonials is just like asking for reviews, and companies do that all the time. The only difference between a review and a testimonial is that the latter is more detailed.

Through testimonials, people can learn more about you. And when they learn more about you, they can trust you that much more. Trust is fundamental to a good law firm, so you should try to build it up as much as possible.

Trust your clients to leave testimonials if you ask them, just make sure to put in the work beforehand. And part of that means making the testimonial process as easy as possible. To do that, you may want to consider making a template for clients to refer to before submitting their thoughts.

For a template, just reach out to us here. We’re always on the lookout for ideas for forms small businesses can use to grow. Trust us, we’re here to help.