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Resume Writing: Why a Good Resume is So Important

Before you ever set foot in an office or log onto Skype for an interview, your resume is the first thing a prospective employer sees. In a nutshell, resumes are a snapshot of your skills and experience designed to help companies get a feel for who you are as a worker and a person.

With a competitive job market and more people clamoring for great careers, it’s essential that you have a resume that stands out from the crowd.

Writing a good resume is the cornerstone to getting the career of your dreams, so read on to discover how you can craft an awesome resume and why it’s so important.

Tailor Your Resume to Fit Each Employer

In years past, a resume with your job history and skills along with education was enough. But today’s picky employers are looking for candidates who are a perfect match to their company’s unique niche.

You can write a more tailored resume that will call out specific skills and experience that suit each individual job. Use keywords that coordinate with the job description, which will gain the attention of interviewers.

Think about each job you apply for and how your past work skills will be a good fit. Then, use this information in your descriptions to be more tailored for each job.

Make sure you sell your strongest skills and highlight your biggest and best accomplishments. By using keywords and focusing on your knowledge, employers will feel confident that they’re making the right choice.

Consider a Resume Service

Sometimes you might need a little help crafting the perfect resume. This is especially true if you’ve been out of the job market for a long time.

A professional service can help to ensure that you don’t just have a good resume, but that you have a great one. They’ll interview you and ask you about your strong suits to help create something that’s personal and insightful.

Tell the resume service what your ultimate career goals are and what you hope to accomplish in terms of a job and income.

It’s important that you give the resume writing service a clear picture of your career goals, your background, and your strong suits so they can write a resume that will work for you.

A Good Resume Paints a Clear Picture

When you write your resume, remember that this is usually the first thing a potential employer sees so you’ll want it to be easy to read yet full of helpful information.

The goal of a resume is to create a clear picture of who you are, what your background is, and how much real world experience you have. Write down all the things you’ve learned over the years at previous jobs. Make a list of every single skill you’ve used and developed.

Once you have the important essentials written down, it’s time to put that information into a resume format. You can create something in chronological order that shows your most recent job to the oldest job, or you can get creative if you so choose.

Today’s modern employers are looking for candidates who stand out, so don’t shy away from using a more conversational tone or adding some highlights from past careers like awards and breakthroughs that you helped make.

Don’t Forget to Edit

Sometimes, the desire for a new career outweighs the ability to be meticulous with details. Before you hit the send button your email or fax machine, thoroughly read over your resume.

Keep an eye out for spelling or grammatical errors and use a program to help you do quick spellchecks. Make sure all of your dates and company names are accurate, and double check references to be sure you have the correct spelling of names and the right phone numbers.

It’s always a good idea to have a third party read over your resume such as friends or family members. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can give you a new perspective and even offer a few suggestions for how you can tweak your resume.

And, once you send it in, don’t forget to keep track of the company names and dates so you can do a follow-up if you haven’t heard anything.

Get Your Name Out There

An awesome resume is only as good as the reach of its audience. In other words, after you craft a killer resume, you need to make sure it’s getting into the right hands.

If you don’t have a specific job you’re applying for, use websites like LinkedIn to post your resume for companies to see. In today’s competitive marketplace, you’ll need to market yourself in order to get results. 

Use the Internet and job boards to spread the word about yourself and your career goals. Word of mouth and networking are other excellent ways to let people know you’re on the hunt for a new career.

Print several copies of your resume to hand out at job fairs. Take a closer look at niche websites like nursing, law, or technical job sites where you can post your resume and get hits from companies that are more catered to your unique career goals.

Diligence Wins the Day

If you remain vigilant and work hard to create the ultimate resume, you’re sure to find the right job for you. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from a professional resume writing service.

Keep your resume and skills fresh, and try to tailor wording to meet the needs of different companies whenever possible. Always check for spelling or grammatical errors and have someone else take a look at your resume so they can offer further advice.

A good resume will make a fantastic lasting impression and you should be able to land an interview shortly after submission. 

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