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Rev Up! 5 Facts About Motorcycles to Get Your Mind Racing

Over 1.5 million Americans are proud owners of motorcycles. 

Motorcycles bring people together, let you travel in a unique way, and surprisingly, burn calories.

If you’re an avid biker and want to learn facts about motorcycles, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Motorcycles Were Introduced in the First World War

One of the most interesting motorcycle facts is how motorcycles played a major role during World War I. Before that, messengers used horses to relay telegrams on the battlefield but motorcycles made this easier.

But it’s important to note, motorcycles have been around since 1885 thanks to Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, German inventors.

They created the first gas-powered motorcycle made from a wooden frame with a gas engine attached. It also featured iron rims and wooden spokes.

The bike, however, was uncomfortable because it didn’t have proper pneumatic tires.

2. The Most Expensive Motorcycle Costs…

…a staggering $360,000!

The motorcycle was produced by the Swiss motorcycle manufacturer Feline One and it’s made from premium materials like carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum, and fine leather.

It also doesn’t have visible signs of fastening, making the motorcycle look ultra-sleek. Plus, one of the most fun facts about motorcycles is that the world’s longest motorcycle was build in India in 2015, sitting at 86 feet and 3 inches long.

3. Many Motorcycles Have Built-In Speakers

When wondering “how do motorcycles work?”, we must remember how advanced motorcycles have become.

Various types of motorcycles feature built-in Bluetooth speakers and other high-quality stereo equipment, perfect for trips across the country.

4. The Longest Distance For Riding A Motorbike Was…

…exactly 2,019.4 miles in a 24-hour period.

L. Russell “Rusty” Vaughn set the record on the Continental Tire Test Track on 10th August 2011.

Vaughn rode his own Harley-Davidson FLHTK Electra Glide Limited and completed 238 laps, securing himself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Doug Domokos is also renowned in the biker scene as he made it to the American Motorcycle Association Hall of Fame in 2002 for the longest wheelie. Domokos, or “The Wheelie King”, held a wheelie for a whopping 145 miles and the record stood for over eight years.

And the record for the longest-ever backward motorcycle ride was completed by Hou Xiaobin in China which lasted 93.2 miles. No one has broken his record yet.

5. Greatest Motorcycle Pyramid Ever Created Goes to… 

…The Indian Army’s Daredevil Team.

No list of motorcycle facts is complete without mentioning the largest motorcycle pyramid ever created.

The Indian Army’s Daredevil Team made an enormous pyramid of 201 men riding on 10 motorcycles. It took place on the 5th of June 2001 in India and traveled 424 feet.

Those Are the Best Facts About Motorcycles

Now you know our favorite facts about motorcycles.

Whether it’s breaking records or building the most expensive motorcycle, these prove how incredible the biking scene is and how so many innovators are ready to push boundaries.

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