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Say Cheese: 5 Telltale Signs You May Be Sharing Your Home With Mice

Mice and rats are a nasty nuisance no one wants to deal with. Unfortunately, these rodents are a part of life. No matter where you live, at some point you’ll experience this problem.

But how can you know for sure that you have an infestation? You’ve come to the right place for answers.

This article takes a look at some common signs that your house has become home to these creepy little creatures. We will show you what to look for so that you can take steps to get rid of them. Keeping reading to learn how to identify a rodent infestation.

1. Droppings

Droppings are often the first and most obvious sign that your home has developed a rodent problem. This is pretty obvious evidence that they’ve moved in and made themselves comfortable.

The number of droppings and number of locations you find them will tell you how severe the infestation is. Droppings will typically be most commonly found in dark places like under a sink, inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets, in closets, under your bed, in the garage, and in the attic.

The locations where you discover droppings indicate areas where they are most active, and so these are the areas where you place bait traps to catch them. 

It’s important to call an emergency pest removal service at the first sign of droppings.

2. Strange Noises

There are few things creepier than the sound of rodents scratching inside your walls or making other disturbing noises. They can often be heard running inside walls or across wood floors or kitchen and bathroom tile.

Keep in mind that rodents are nocturnal, thus you’ll most likely hear these noises predominately at night.  

3. Unusual Pet Behavior 

Nothing will get your dog or cat excited quicker than the discovery of rodents inside your house. 

Because pets have exceptional hearing and sense of smell, they will become aware of the presence of rodents long before you do. Pay attention to pet behavior. They could be trying to tell you that there’s a problem by barking or pawing at spaces beneath your refrigerator or low-clearance furniture.

4. Rodent Nests

When rodents move in, they quickly build nests. They love to gather building materials for use in cabinets and attics, or outside in dense vegetation and trees.

5. Gnawed Holes and Urine Odor

We suggest that you pay attention to strange marks on the corners of furniture and holes gnawed through cardboard boxes. These are sure signs of infestation. You might also begin to notice a strong musky odor, especially with larger infestations. This is the odor of urine and is easy to detect. 

Obvious Signs You Have a Mice or Rat Infestation 

There’s nothing fun about discovering mice in your home. In fact, it’s downright gross. When you see evidence such as droppings or gnaw marks, this is a clear sign that it’s time to place bait traps and call a professional pest control company for help.

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