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Show Them the World: How to Start a Travel Agency That Wins Over Millennials

Does anyone even use travel agents anymore?

With the convenience of the Internet, the need for travel agents may seem like it’s waning. But 44% of millennials actually prefer to utilize travel agencies when planning trips.

Are you passionate and knowledgeable about traveling? Can you see yourself helping young travelers make the most of their wanderlust?

Here’s how to start a travel agency going into 2019.

What’s Your Niche?

If you plan to target millennial travelers, that’s a good start. But which millennial travelers will you target?

There are those off-the-beaten-path travelers who prefer to backpack and stay in hostels. There are luxury travelers who want to eat, visit, and stay at the finest establishments.

Then there are those who travel for a specific purpose. There are activities they want to do and specific places they want to see.

Take someone interested in China photography tours. They’re likely looking to capture the best of China in photographs and videos. An experienced photographer who has lived there could help them book their trip.

Think about which activities and places you’re most knowledgeable in. Consider how you can apply these to your travel business. This will help you form your brand.

Develop Your Travel Brand

If you’re looking to attract millennials, having a website is of the utmost importance. Your website is how your audience will find you — and there are ways to make your brand more visible.

Create a clever and attractive design for your website. You should also design a logo that exemplifies the style of traveling your brand evokes.

You’ll then want to think about keywords that are trendy and specific to your niche. Curate engaging blog content using these keywords. This will make your website SEO-friendly and help you rank higher on the SERPs.

Make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. Your clients will likely use their smartphones while traveling. You want them to be able to utilize your website with ease while traveling.

Promote Your Agency on Social Media

If you’re wondering how to start a travel agency in this day and age, social media is key.

Millions of millennials are recording their travel journeys for all the world to see. Look up things like #wanderlust or #travelbug on platforms like Instagram. You’ll see the magnitude of content surrounding these hashtags.

Your travel agency business plan should emphasize your social media marketing campaign. Implementing SEO for your website will certainly help. But you’ll be able to boost traction to your website through social media more than anything.

Take Care of the Business Logistics

Before you can begin operations, you’ll need a travel agent license. Luckily, the process for obtaining one is easy.

There’s no training or required schooling involved. You’ll need to fill out paperwork and follow the process within your state. Each state has their own set of laws when it comes to running travel agencies.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you can fund the business before jumping in. It may help to seek out an accountant to help you with taxes. You may even decide to take out a business loan to help kick-start the business.

Understanding How to Start a Travel Agency

Contrary to popular belief, travel agencies are alive and well — and the industry is only looking up. If you’re wondering how to start a travel agency, make the dream happen this new year.

What if you love traveling but aren’t sure if being a travel agent is the right career choice for you? Explore all your options when it comes to starting a travel business.