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Slash Your Business Shipping Costs with These Savvy Packaging Tips

Do you know that companies in the U.S. spent over $1 trillion in shipping costs in 2017? With so many companies shipping items it’s no surprise that everyone is looking for ways to save on their shipping charges. 

You’re probably here because you are also looking for ways to bring your shipping costs down every month. With competitors like Amazon, it might feel impossible but we are here to tell you that you can save on shipping and stay competitive.

Keep reading to learn how to lower your shipping charges.

Time to Cut Down on Your Shipping Charges 

Some business owners are under the misconception that offering free shipping is the only way to attract customers. we’re here to tell you that this is simply not true. Although free shipping is attractive what most customers want is to know what to expect when it’s time to checkout. 

Even if you don’t offer free shipping but set the expectation of a flat rate shipping fee this will help a customer know what to expect.

Re-Think Your Packaging

If you want to cut down on shipping costs start by looking at your packaging. Is your packaging heavy before you put your product in it? This is causing you to spend extra money on shipping for no reason if that’s the case. 

Is it possible that you can use a padded envelope rather than a box? If the answer is yes then it’s time to make the change and watch your shipping prices go down.

Free Packaging

You might not know that most carriers such as DHL Express and USPS offer free packaging for certain mail classes. Take a look at the size specifications to see if your product would fit in there. If your product does fit in one of the free packages you will want to see if the rate they charge makes it worth it.

This is a great way to save on shipping costs because you won’t have to worry about spending extra on your packaging going forward.

Consider Using Shrink Wrap

Something that you might be able to take advantage of if your product allows for it is using shrink wrap. A shrink wrap machine will help your business save space which means that you won’t need as large of a box or envelope to ship your product. 

There is a lot more to shrink wrap machines that you might not be aware of and this guide to shrink wrap machines can be your savior to saving on shipping costs. 

Prepaid Shipping

If what you ship out is the same weight every time then this might be the best route for you. You can save up to 20% when you buy a quantity of shipping labels upfront from different couriers such as FedEx and UPS.

Instead of paying for each package every time it’s ordered you buy them in bulk and have them on hand as the orders come in. This will save you both time and money and in business, we all know that time is money.

Online Shipping

USPS offers a discount when you pay for your shipping directly on their website. On top of a discount, they offer extra perks such as free shipping supplies and free priority mail delivery confirmation. 

All you will is a printer to print out your shipping labels to affix to your packages. Once you have them ready to go USPS also offers free pick-up because you purchased your shipping online. 

Compare Couriers

Although this might sound obvious some business owners start with a courier and don’t think to change their shipping courier or shop around. If you didn’t know there are many courier comparison sites that you can take advantage of to make sure you’re not overpaying.

There are sites such as ParcelHero and PacelMoneky to make this task a little easier. Another option is to look at each individual courier site and compare the costs yourself. 

Multiple Delivery Services

Using more than one delivery service is another way to save money on shipping. This is especially true if your products have different weights and are all different sizes. Because different couriers are best for different packages then it’s in your best interest to use the best courier for what you will be shipping that day. 

For example if you had an order for a large piece of furniture using a courier such as DPD will be more cost-effective than USPS and vice versa.

Fulfillment Service

This might be another option to help you save money on shipping because you will have someone else storing, packaging, and shipping your products for you. A fulfillment center will save you plenty of time and some of them will also handle customer questions too.

The most known fulfillment service is Amazon but there are other options available such as myWarehouse, and DK Fulfillment just to name a few. Do your research with the different companies and choose the best one for your business needs and situation.

Ready to Save Money on Shipping?

As you can see there are a few ways that you can save on shipping charges. Start from taking a look at your current packaging and continue down our list of recommendations. You will be able to immediately see savings on your shipping even if you can only apply 1 or 2 of our tips to your business.

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