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Smiles for Success: 5 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

According to a recent article in Forbes, your employee’s satisfaction has a direct impact on your customer’s satisfaction. Happy employees make for happy customers, and the proof is in the profits.

If you’re looking to boost not only your company earnings but the morale and employee satisfaction in your workplace, there are simple ways to do so immediately.

Here are 5 basic ways to boost employee satisfaction and change your company culture for the better.

1. Encourage Open Communication

Collaboration and communication produce creativity. You’ll find the more communication you encourage among employees the more solutions to problems you’ll discover.

Employees will also benefit from feeling they can communicate with their superiors and be heard.

Businesses like Google and others have become successful for a reason. Their style of an open workplace promotes communication and socializing. Do a little brainstorming to see how you might rearrange your office to remove communication barriers.

2. Validate and Give Recognition

Little is more discouraging to a hard-working employee than having their efforts go unnoticed. 

One of the most effective ways to boost morale and employee satisfaction is by offering words of validation and recognition for a job well done. 

This isn’t to say you need to thank every employee for simply doing their job. But, when a particular achievement is made, a goal accomplished, or a significate contribution is made, recognize that person or group.

Show your thanks through words or appropriate rewards. This will go a long way in helping employees feel that all their efforts are not going unnoticed. 

3. Promote Self Care and Health

Chronic stress leads to all kinds of health problems. Obesity, gastrointestinal issues, heart problems, and a weakened immune system are only a few of the potential risks.

Help reduce your employee’s stress by providing opportunities for them to get up and move around. Construct a beautiful garden with benches outside your office for them to eat lunch in. Build a bike rack and encourage biking to work.

Whatever you do to encourage stress reduction and healthy habits, it will aid in the production of serotonin and dopamine. The release of these positive hormones will produce happier employees.

4. Provide a Clean Environment

If your employees are used to dealing with messy bathrooms, full garbage cans, or junk around the office building, their positive perception of the workplace will diminish.

Prestige Janitorial Services are among the many ways you can easily improve the cleanliness and comfort of your workplace. 

If you don’t have a professional cleaning crew maintaining your office, it’s time to step it up. Trust us, your employees and your customers will thank you.

5. Don’t Waste Time

Of course, it’s stressful when you’re on a tight deadline but your boss requires you to attend endlessly long and ineffective meetings. Boost your employee’s satisfaction by cutting out time-wasters in the workplace.

Cut to the chase when sharing news or updates. When possible, send info via email to reduce the need for unnecessary meetings. Basically, think about what Michael Scott would do, and do the opposite.

More Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Knowing how to boost employee satisfaction isn’t a great mystery. If you’re still at a loss for how to do it, consider what changes to your workplace or environment would make you happier being there.

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