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Store More: 10 Clever Storage Organization Ideas for Your Home Business

Did you know that home organization is a stress trigger for 47% of Americans?

It’s no wonder that having an organized home is important for leading a less stressful life.

If you run your business from home, storage can be a real issue. 

Keep reading to learn about 10 inspired storage organization ideas for your home business.

10 Clever Storage Organization Ideas for Your Home 

More modern working families are needing a home office in their home. Some need an office because they telecommute for work, they’re a life coach, or because they freelance. If you don’t have a dedicated office space and are creating a nook then clever storage organization ideas will come in handy.

Getting a home office is very much like getting a cluttered garage organized. It’s something that’s very rewarding once the mess is organized and everything has its own spot. You can see more about organizing a bigger space like a garage and check out the difference it makes.

Organizing a home office is sometimes easier said than done because you will deal with a steady stream of more paper and chaos if you’re not prepared.

1. Bill Binder

This storage idea will help you keep all of your bills in one place so that you don’t have to go search. It will also help you not get behind on payments simply because you had your bills all over the place.

You can make your bill binder with a three-ring binder, 2 pocket insert page, and a binder pencil bag. Inside the pencil bag keep your checkbook, a pen, and stamps if you don’t pay online.

Use one pocket insert page to put the bills and payment coupons inside. Once the bill is paid then move the stubs to the second pocket insert page and label that page as “PAID.” Every couple of months you can file away the stubs in the paid side.

2. Pegboard Vertical Storage

Pegboards are a versatile way to organize your home office and it helps keep what you normally have on your desk off your desk to give you more room. It’s easy to switch the layout of the board by adding or subtracting items without putting new holes in the wall. 

The pegboard is like what you find in a garage where people hang hammers, screwdrivers and other tools. Your pegboard will have office tools instead. You can hang your stapler, ruler, tape, scissors, and clipboards to name a few.

Something else you’re able to hang on the pegboard is small boxes to hold things you can’t hang. Your box can hold pens, pencils, markers, sharpies, sticky notes. All you have to do is drill holes in a small board, attach it to the pegboard, then assemble the box on the mounted piece.

They sell pegboards that are already painted or you can buy a brown one and add your own personality to it. 

3. Labeled Boxes

This will come in handy if you don’t have a lot of drawers to store what you need or to have an easy way to identify what you need when you need it. You can stack as many of these boxes as you need and they make any space look neat and organized.

You can buy necklace size jewelry boxes, photo storage boxes, or cigar boxes and label them with either a sharpie or a label maker. In these boxes, you can store tape, glue sticks, pens, pencils, markers, batteries, or thumbtacks.

4. Cord Storage

Nowadays everything seems to have a cable to charge it up. When cords are all piled up they look like a big tangled mess creating added clutter to your home office. There are different ways to get a tangled cord mess under control.

You can use cord covers and special twist ties to make it look neater. You can also hook a plastic or metal basket under your desk and create a cage for your cords. This will help you keep all the cords separated and in one place. 

On a white piece of tape, you can write down what each cord is and wrap it around the cord it belongs to. 

5. Chalkboard Walls

One way to get rid of sticky notes, paper and calendars is to put your calendar on the wall. You can turn your wall into the calendar by turning your wall into a chalkboard with chalkboard paint. If you prefer a dry erase board that’s an option too. 

You can write your to-do’s, phone numbers, reminders, and anything you don’t want to forget on your chalkboard wall without worrying about losing that note.

6. Magazine Holders

You can pick up a few magazine holders to keep magazines you want to keep, papers, printer paper, and even thin books. This will keep everything organized and neat looking. These can serve a double purpose in your home office because once they are full and heavy you can use them as bookends to hold your books in place.

7. Baskets

You can have a few baskets to help minimize the clutter. You can have a basket for your bills, one for outgoing mail, one for junk mail. Once the junk mail basket is full you can either shred it or recycle it.

8. Mugs

If you have extra mugs in your home that you simply don’t use you can use them to organize pens, markers, pencils, etc. If you ever change your theme or office decor or colors you can easily change out the mugs you were using.

9. Divided Drawers

If you have drawers that don’t have built-in dividers you can create your own. You can buy organizers or you can make your own out of plastic containers and get exactly what you need. 

You can organize all your cords in one plastic container, pencils in another, paper clips in a separate one, and do this for all the items you use in your office. This will be less stressful than opening your drawers to find chaos every day.

10. File, Scan, and Shred

The last thing you want to do when organizing your home office is to keep all of your papers on top of your desk. Get a scanner to scan every piece of paper into digital form and make sure you have at least two backups in case something happens to where you have it stored. 

Once you’re done scanning everything shred and recycle all of the scanned papers.

Organize Your Home Office

Now that you learned a few hacks to organize your home office with the above storage organization ideas go have fun. Rest assured that you’ll be less stressed stepping into a neat, clean office once you’re all done.

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