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Take a Load Off with 3 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Restaurant Appeal

Have you ever had to dine out in an uncomfortable chair? Let’s just say it’s a less than savory experience. 

That’s why restaurant owners put lots of thought into their decor, especially their furniture. 

Are you on the search for the perfect furniture for restaurant appeal? Find the right chairs, tables and more with these three useful tips. 

Fine Furniture for Restaurant Appeal

There is any number of factors to consider when purchasing that perfect addition to your restaurant. However, we’ll walk you through the three most important. 

1. Make It Comfortable

Nothing is worse than sitting in a chair that’s uncomfortable. But softer isn’t always better. 

For healthy and comfortable sitting, choose chairs that let customers sit with their feet on the floor and their legs bent at about 120 degrees so that the hip bones are slightly above the thighs.

Also, consider ergonomics. Ergonomic furniture alleviates pain, making your customers that much happier as they converse and enjoy your restaurant’s food. 

If possible, add comfort to the waiting area with seating. This is a prime opportunity to show consumers how much you value their business and their patience during busy hours. 

2. Reflect the Menu and Theme

When purchasing, consider the design and the mood you’d like to create. If you are going for a modern look, for example, a Replica Philippe Starck Prince Aha bar stool might be what you need. 

Considering a classy but elegant appearance? Try a banquet-style chair or a Biedermeier.

Keep the color scheme consistent, and consider adding dashes of color from your logo throughout the restaurant. 

Don’t forget to reflect the menu itself in your decor and furniture. If you focus on seafood, for instance, seek out fixtures that are sea-themed. 

When you’ve picked out your furniture, it should complement the restaurant’s theme without drawing too much attention or creating a haphazard, “stitched-together” feeling.

3. Think Long-Term

Regardless of the kinds of furniture you need, thinking ahead is a must. 

Chairs, tables, countertops, and other furniture receive high amounts of wear every day. Therefore, it’s important whatever furniture for restaurant appeal you choose is durable and convenient for you and the staff. 

Choose furniture that is easy to clean, move and store. Since workers will clean the restaurant daily, the last thing an owner wants is furniture that’s difficult to sanitize or move. 

Furthermore, search for furniture designed for commercial use. These additions are durable and made to resist wear and tear. 

Although furniture that will last the years is expensive up front, the costs more than pay for themselves. Owners won’t have to replace furniture every few years and daily wear won’t leave scrapes or marks.  

Purchasing high-quality items saves restaurants money. 

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Discovering the right furniture for restaurant appeal requires an understanding of the environment you’d like to create, the menu, daily care routines, and your customers. 

After all, that bacon cheeseburger tastes so much better from atop a comfortable stool rather than a wobbly one. 

But furniture isn’t all restaurant owners have to think about. 

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