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The 4 Best Rental Sites That You Can Use to Find Tenants Today!

Do you own rental properties? If so, then you understand how difficult it can sometimes be to find good tenants.

Believe it or not, tenants who pay rent on time and treat your property with respect don’t exactly grow on trees. In this article, we show you 4 of the best rental sites and how they can help in your search for quality tenants.

So keep reading to learn about the best house rental sites on the Web so that the process of finding renters is less stressful.

1. Zillow

For anyone wanting to sell or rent real estate, Zillow is a dream come true. It has a wide range of great features that make the process of listing rental properties a breeze.

Zillow makes it easy for tenants to view photos, find properties by interactive map, and sort by a range of desired features such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and price. 

The site also allows prospective tenants to easily compare multiple rental listings side by side. 

This is a popular rental site that will attract a large number of potential tenants to your property listing.

2. Realtor.com

Here is another real estate website that helps prospective tenants find quality properties to rent or buy.

The site only accepts listings from property owners and managers, and it manages both real estate sales and rentals. Realtor.com’s interface is fairly easy to navigate, yet not as user-friendly or polished-looking as some other sites.

Online real estate sites can also help you find houses for rent in Denver.

3. Craigslist

Let’s face it, Craigslist helps you find just about anything on the planet.

The website interface is admittedly very barebones, but property owners and managers are able to post listings and reach an enviable number of potential tenants.

The great thing about Craigslist is the fact that it’s inexpensive, plus you’re able to list whatever photos you like and write the post in your own words.

The major drawback is that you’ll likely get a ton of inquiries, and many of them will be junk. People seem to love wasting your time with questions when they aren’t seriously looking to rent or buy. So keep this in mind if you’d rather not spend half your life weeding out the trolls.

4. Create Your Own Website

Here’s a question: Do you have your own website?

Because if you don’t, you definitely need one. Web builder sites such as Wix.com make it incredibly easy to create a clean, professional-looking website where you can list your properties and attract tenants.

This allows you to manage your properties without having to go through a middle man. Thus you have full control over the content, won’t have to worry about fees, and can interact directly with potential tenants or buying when the contact you with questions. 

The Best Rental Sites for Real Estate

Managing real estate isn’t easy, but using online listings can help. This list of the best rental sites will make the process of finding quality tenants for your rental properties much easier.

Click here for help creating a rental agreement for your property.