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The Best Document and Card Organizers to Declutter Your Desk

The physical environment in which we work has a humongous effect on how we work. If our space is full of clutter, so will our mind be. 

Not only will a tidy space look nicer, but it will also make you more productive

How does one create an organized workspace, though? Document and card organizers are helpful tools you can use to reduce clutter on your desk. Keep reading to find the best organization tools you need to keep your desk in order. 

Tray Organizers

A tray organizer takes up relatively little space on your desk but can make a big difference in how tidy your office looks. 

There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from. The most common kind will store your documents flat. If you prefer to keep your records in file folders, opt for a style that holds your paperwork upright.

There are even combination style organizers with slots for upright and flat storage. 

Some even have drawers so you can keep paperwork out of sight. Others have openings for accessories like pens and scissors, too.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are an aesthetic way to hide unattractive paper clutter. These boxes are perfect for storing documents you don’t need on your desk at all times. 

You can find storage boxes at any office supply store, but craft stores often have more attractive options.

Color-Coded File Folders

There’s nothing more overwhelming than opening your filing cabinet to see unorganized chaos. Color-coded hanging files allow you to create a system that’s easy to understand and nice to look at. Choose bright colors that are very different from one another.

Try to get into the habit of filing your documents as soon as possible. The less time they spend loose on your desk, the better. 

Wall Organizers

You might want to consider a hanging system if there isn’t an area left on your desk for a document organizer. They free up valuable space on your desk and can do wonders in reducing the appearance of clutter.

Wall organization systems often feature cascading file pockets to make accessing your documents easy.

Binder Systems

If you have many important documents to keep, binders can help you keep everything in its place. Consider color-coding them and storing them upright. It’ll be easy to spot the binder you need when you need it.

No document organizer binder is complete without the right dividers and index tabs. Visit www.exhibitindexes.com to find the best and most affordable options on the market today.

Business Card Organizers

If you deal with many businesses daily, you’ll need a place to store their business cards. A card organizer allows you to keep important contact information safe and within reach.

Reclaim Your Space with Document and Card Organizers

Say goodbye to the infinite search for the paperwork you need. The right document and card organizers will keep your desk tidy and you on task. 

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