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The Top 10 Benefits of Owning a Backyard Swimming Pool

Are you thinking about buying a house with a backyard pool? Considering installing a pool in your backyard? Allow us to help you decide easier with these backyard swimming pool benefits.

If you are a swimmer or a big fan of swimming, you already know you want one in your property. If you have a family, you may know it’s a great way to keep your kids occupied. It’s no wonder there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the US.

There’re more reasons for that which we’ve put in a list below.

1. Comfortability and Convenience

What’re the easiest means to stay cool in the summer months? Often, you’ll go to a place with a clean body of water and swim, right? In that case, why not create a clean body of water in your own backyard?

With your very own swimming pool at home, you can go for a dip anytime. Do it in the heat of the day, before the sun sets, or under the midnight sky. It gives you a great reason to stay at home or take a staycation.

2. Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming does more than cool your body down from the summer heat. Swimming offers a fun, low-impact exercise method. It puts less strain on your body and strengthens your cardiovascular endurance.

It’s a great way to maintain your form or melt belly fats left from the Christmas season. Compared to running or going to the gym, you have a lower risk of getting injuries or body strain. Also, you get to exercise your whole body and not only a targeted area.

Another benefit of swimming includes improved mental health, not only physical fitness. Water is a natural healer and a dip in the backyard pool is a perfect way to calm the busy mind.

These are the reasons why you feel refreshed in both body and mind after a swim.

3. You Know How Clean Your Backyard Swimming Pool Is

Common public pool hazards include the parasite called cryptosporidium. This single-cell organism caused more than 27,000 infections between 2000 and 2014. It causes stomach cramps, watery diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

The cost of owning a pool includes more than the installation cost. You also need to maintain it for health and safety reasons. Still, it’s better than going to a public pool where everyone and many things swim with you.

Knowing for certain how clean your pool is will reduce any germaphobe doubts. When you maintain your backyard pool, you know when it’s safe to swim in it. You’ll have fewer things to worry about and more time having fun.

4. Privacy and Safety

You know getting a pool is worth it because you guarantee your safety with one. For anybody who is body-conscious, getting a swimming pool in your backyard is a great idea. It’s also great for athletes who want to do light training without prying eyes.

5. Area for Bonding with Family and Friends

Do you want a house where you and your family can hang out and have fun? If so, then having a swimming pool in your backyard will be good for you. Swimming pools allow family members to take their eyes off of screens and bond.

Do you want a parenting hack that will make you a cool parent? Allow your kids to have a small pool party with a group of friends. They’ll love you for it and their friends will too.

6. Aquatic Therapy

Did you or your kid get injured while playing sports? Need a way to quicken physical rehabilitation or ease fibromyalgia? Water therapy or aquatic therapy is a brilliant solution for those things.

As we stated above, water is a natural healer. Thus, aqua therapy can help heal many illnesses and injuries. It can even help kids with autism and adults with Parkinson’s disease.

7. Kids Love It

Knowing how to swim is a life-saving skill. Having a home swimming pool will allow you to teach your kids how to swim. That’s not all; they get to have fun and create happy childhood memories in it too.

Kids will enjoy physical activity, too. Do you want your grandchildren to spend more time with you? Install a swimming pool in your backyard and the young ones will want to come over every weekend.

We’ve got another parenting hack for those with young, active kids. Let your kids play in a pool all day. Nothing will tire them out more and get them to bed faster.

8. Host Pool Parties and Get-Togethers

If you remember the movies on typical teenage high school drama, the cool kids always hosted the pool parties. Of course, this applies beyond the teenage high school hierarchy. This is great for those in big social groups who want to host community activities, too.

Other than giving you a way to test out the latest summer fashion trends in the comfort of your home, swimming pools are simply wonderful for social gatherings. Be the crowd small or large, inviting friends over is always fun. This will allow for team-building activities and community bonding.

9. It’s Cost-Effective

Thanks to the improved economy, a swimming pool is more affordable now. For families with a tight budget, there are choices for cheap pool heating options. If you want to calculate the cost for resurfacing a pool deck, click here.

Furthermore, you spend less with a pool in your backyard. You can swim in your backyard anytime instead of vacationing in beach resorts or public pools. Instead of going to the water park, add in a small slide or a water walking ball.

10. Increased Home Value and Exterior Look

Want a resort-like home experience? Get a luxury swimming pool installed right behind your house. Having a swimming pool will increase the visual appeal to your backyard.

Also, a home with a swimming pool will increase its resale value. If you plan to sell your home in the future, getting a pool can get you a higher return. Note that depending on the type of swimming pool you install, the increase will differ.

Swim in Your Own Backyard Pool

That’s it for our top 10 benefits of having a backyard swimming pool.

Have we got you sold on the idea of getting a pool yet? Here’s a hot tip: buying a house with a pool will be cheaper than installing one later.

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