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These 8 Office Remodeling Tips Will Give You Better, On-Budget Results!

Did you know that employees well-being is strongly correlated to productivity and performance and the physical workspace is the largest factors of well-being?

No wonder employers are looking at ways to help improve the work atmosphere ad office space for their employees.

Office remodeling can be complicated and pricey if you don’t have a plan. To save money and get things right the first time, check out these tips below.

These 8 Office Remodeling Tips Will Give You Better, On-budget Results

Having an office remodel and facelift gives your workplace a new look and will also energize your employees. Office remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful or make you break the bank.

It can be fun and budget friendly if you sit down and do some pre-planning. Using a helpful resource when planning out your renovation can make it a smoother process. 

1. Goals

The first thing you want to do is sit down and make a list of the must-have items and changes for the office renovation. Is your goal to five the entire office a facelift or is it to give employees more areas to energize and be more productive?

The key is to understand what you want out of the remodel and why you’re renovating.  

2. Budget

Any remodeling project needs to have a clear budget to not go overboard in expenses. Sit down and figure out what the maximum amount is that can be spent on the entire project. If you have a tight budget then pick the most important things from your list of renovation ideas.

Choose the changes that are necessary to meet your end goals. If your biggest goal is for your employees to be more productive then make sure that your budget can cover the changes necessary for this goal.

With any remodeling project, last minute unexpected expenses will come up. Plan for an emergency budget as well to avoid any headaches if something unplanned were to come up during the reno.

3. Talk to Your Staff

Your employees are part of your business and can make you or break you. They have the ability to make your business more successful or make it fail. If you include their ideas and thoughts in the office remodel they will feel appreciated and will know their opinion matters too.

When employees feel appreciated they become more dedicated to your mission and want to help your business succeed and grow too. You can ask for their suggestions on colors, desks, walls, etc. When you listen to their suggestions and you use them they will notice and will become more prideful of where they work.

4. Building Features

Take a look at the building and figure out which features it has that made the building the most attractive when it was first built. Put attention on those features and capitalize on them. 

Take a look at how high the ceilings are if they’re eight to ten-foot ceilings is there something you can do to increase the height space from floor-to-ceiling? The key here is to bring out the best features the building already has. Since those features are already there enhancing them is a budget-friendly way to use what you already have.

5. Windows

Everyone loves light and windows seriously who likes working in a dark and lonely closet looking space? Having windows that everyone can see out of is a great way to energize your employees and give them the outdoor views. Normally managers and supervisors have offices with windows so changing it up and having windows for everyone will have everyone feeling important.

If it’s in the budget you might want to consider installing larger windows and possibly better insulated to save on utility costs in the future. If the office space is in a warehouse where adding windows isn’t an option you can hang light pictures and bring in light fixtures that add plenty of light.

6. Technology

Electronics themselves are not beautiful or appealing to the eye. In fact, the cords that are needed to power them up can really be an eyesore if they are left loose and in the open.

When planning where the electronics will be going try to plan around where the outlets are. This will minimize the need to have long wires running from the outlet to the desk area. There are cord covers that you can use to hide all the cords and they also have desks with pre-made holes in them to put the cords through to hide them.

7. Think Tank

Consider adding a think tank to your office remodel list to enhance your employee’s productivity. This can be a space that doesn’t have to cost a lot to do you just need to pick the space where it would fit best. This area will help employees be more creative and have a place to brainstorm without the distractions they normally have at their desks.

Employees can also use the think tank to clear their mind or take a quick break from work without having to leave the building.

8. Deadline

Last but not least you want to give the office remodel a deadline so that the project doesn’t go on for years. Pick when the project will begin and when it will end. This will also help set up your employees for what to expect.

With a deadline, you’ll be able to hire any contractors needed to making the remodel a possibility. 

Enjoy the New Office

Have fun with your office remodeling project. Once it’s said and done everyone will be happy with a fresh new space. Your employees will be more excited to come to work and you will be too.

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