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Top Benefits of Geofencing in Social Media Campaign

Facebook has 1.2 million daily active users alone. The benefits of using geofencing marketing software on social media are too good to pass up.

Twitter has 126 million daily active users. Geofencing on social media allows you to market your business on a hyperlocal basis.

Geofencing software doesn’t only help you reach consumers near your business. It also helps you engage with consumers in more than 1 location. This hyperlocal strategy can support your marketing efforts more than anything else.

Here are the benefits of using geofencing on social media:

Geofencing 101

Experts define geofencing as setting up a virtual barrier around a location. It uses GPS or RFID to define geographic boundaries.

Once someone enters the area, they receive a text, alert, or other notifications. These notifications are all about your business. The software also helps you collect location-based data for your marketing efforts.

In order for geofencing to work, a person must have the location services on their mobile phone turned on. Otherwise, they won’t get any notifications.

Using geofencing (or hiring a company to take care of geofencing for you) is a smart decision. Here’s why:

Fast-Acting Results

Trying to find every social media post related to a keyword, topic, location, or event is difficult. Doing this across more than 1 social media platform is time-consuming.

Geofencing social media lets you narrow down relevant social media posts in seconds. (Not just by hashtags, either.) It also helps you filter posts by city, neighborhood, events, and more.

Geofencing software also collects data about these posts quicker than any human can and analyzes it via analytics. Then it personalizes the notifications based on that data.

For example, let’s pretend you own a restaurant. If someone was just searching for places to eat cheeseburgers on their phone, geofencing will display an advertisement for your cheeseburger special instead of a generic sales notification.

Targeting Exact Audiences

Geofencing lets you target smaller areas on geo-social media. Smaller geofence barriers target more precise audiences.

Geofencing makes your advertisement or notification pop up whenever someone enters your vicinity.

You can also erect geofences around competitor locations. That way, consumers will learn about the deals you’re having and come to your business instead.

If you use network-based geofencing, you’ll reach even more people on social media. (App-based geofencing has a more limited audience. It also doesn’t work as quickly as network-based geofencing.)

Geofencing Marketing Software Is Your Business’s BFF

Out of all the people in the world, 5 billion own mobile devices. Geofencing marketing software helps you reach local audiences in a personal way.

In every country, younger people are more likely to own smartphones and use social media. Fortunately, people of all ages own mobile devices and use social media. You can connect with them through geofencing as well.

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