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Traffic Collision: 7 Key Signs You Need an Attorney

Few things are as unfortunate of a situation as a car accident. Anyone who’s been involved in a major wreck knows just how much of a trying situation it is, and how hard it is to keep your cool and stay calm.

What’s even harder, however, is the aftermath. Navigating all of the insurance claims, figuring out who is at fault, deciding whether or not to hire a car accident attorney and getting your cars fixed is no easy matter. Suffice to say, a traffic collision has great potential to ruin your day.

In order to take some of the weight off your shoulders as you navigate this unfortunate situation, you should take a look at hiring an attorney. The attorney will help with all of the technical parts of the process of filing your claim and getting your car fixed. This will be a big load off your mind as you can instead just take time to focus on yourself.

If you’ve been in an accident that has any of these seven tell-tale signs, then you need to consider hiring an attorney ASAP.

1. Significant Expense is Involved

Any time that significant expense is involved in a car wreck, it’s probably time to get a lawyer involved. After all, if things go wrong when there’s significant expense attached, then you stand to lose much, much more.

Think of it from the perspective of return on investment. A really bad car wreck can easily cost damages in excess of 50-100K+. If you were both driving new cars, mid-five figures right there. Hospital bills, ambulance rides, and emergency room visits can easily total up the rest of the money. Thus, spending a grand or two on a good car accident attorney that will take care of the process and ensure that you don’t spend too much money and that you get the claim that you deserve will give you a great return on your investment.

Conversely, if damages are much smaller (only a few grand), then it makes more sense to not spring for an attorney because the ROI just isn’t there. 

2. The Other Motorist isn’t Responding

If you’ve been in an accident and after you both leave the scene, the other motorist is refusing to respond to your requests for contact, then you need to get a lawyer involved. It may be that the other motorist was not insured and is trying to get off by leaving you in the dark.

Another great example of this is a hit and run. If someone hit you and just took off straight away, then you aren’t going to have much to tell your insurance company. Your premiums will rise as though you are at fault. You want to get an attorney looped in so that they can take a look at tracking down the motorist and holding him or her accountable. 

3. The Other Motorist’s Insurance isn’t Cooperating

Similar to the above situation where the motorist isn’t cooperating with you, it could be that the motorist has run up the accident to their insurance provider, and the insurance company is refusing to cooperate. If you’re not hearing back from them on your claim, the adjuster isn’t coming out, then the insurance company might by trying to pull something shady.

Don’t let them get away with it. Get a lawyer involved to help you tackle that insurance company and make them pony up what they owe you. There’s a lot of insurance companies out there that try to drag out the process in hopes that you’ll just give up and quit. Don’t let that happen to you. 

4. Loss of Unique Property 

If you were carrying some kind of unique property in the vehicle that got damaged, then you need to get a lawyer involved. Most standard insurance policies may not cover such property being in your car. Thus, if it gets damaged, you won’t get any money for it.

A car accident attorney, however, could help value that property and somehow finagle its way under coverage. Particularly if this is something with a lot of sentimental value rather than real-world value, this is an avenue that you will want to try.

5. You Are at Fault

If you were the motorist at fault in a significant accident, consider getting an attorney involved. If it was a result of your negligence, then you definitely need to get a lawyer. 

People make mistakes, and you don’t want this to stay on your record forever. If you end up getting charged with something, that could go on your record and hinder future job prospects, your credit score, et cetera. It has infinite negative implications for your life, and getting a lawyer to bail you out is the best way to go.

6. Compensation is Lower than Expected

If you know that the insurance company is intentionally underballing you with their claims offer then get a lawyer involved. If compensation is lower than expected, they’re not going to give you another offer just because you asked for it. 

An attorney can do the things necessary to get an insurance company to pony up. 

7. Compensation is Delayed

If your compensation has been delayed by a significant margin, then it’s time to get a lawyer involved. As we discussed above, this is a frequent tactic used by shady insurance companies in the hopes that you’ll just give up and abandon the whole thing.

Don’t do that — invest in an attorney who will ensure that you get your money’s worth for what happened in that traffic collision.

Navigate This Traffic Collision with a Lawyer

If you’ve been in a traffic collision, then the right lawyer can make things infinitely easier. From navigating who’s at fault to making shady insurance companies pony up, an attorney will have a ton of experience with this exact situation (something that you hopefully lack!). If your accident involves one of these seven tell-tale signs, then get an attorney involved ASAP.

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