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Traffic Generation for Websites: How to Get More People to Click on Your Site

Why is consistent traffic generation so difficult?

Getting traffic to your site is pretty easy, but getting people to come back again tomorrow is very difficult.

Attracting new people every day also takes a lot of time and effort because you have to keep stoking the fires of interest or people go elsewhere.

Here are a few tips to help you lay the foundation for a website that attracts new users.

Give People A Reason to Share

We all know that referral traffic is the most valuable type of traffic, at least from a viewer-acquisition/ROI standpoint. Yet, most online content is missing the key ingredient, which is a “reason to share.” Battering people with popups and floating social buttons is not enough.

Funny content is the most shared content, but people have a reason to share it. They share it because it enables people to give the gift of a smile.

What reason can you muster for people to share? It can be subtle or overt. For example:

  • People shared the new trailers for Marvel End Game and Season 4 of Rick & Morty because those events were highly anticipated and people wanted to share the relief of that anticipation.
  • When a small-time programmer comes up with something like a solution to a common PC game problem, then that person can ask others to share the solution and they will do it to help the rest of the online community. 

Reasons to Keep Coming Back

Some websites get people to come back by posting new content on a regular basis, like how YouTube always has plenty of new videos for you to watch. Some websites do this by offering a tool, such as a broken link checker, a plagiarism tool, or something similar.

Consider offering people advice and ideas that they may come back to over the years. For example:

  • New restaurants near big cities
  • Easy meals to cook
  • Movies and TV shows to watch
  • Marketing your website
  • Buying followers and traffic (visit this site for more information)
  • Deals and offers

Problems That Continue to Need Answers

Some of the most long-standing content is content that solves a problem that just keeps appearing. Typically, the problem happens when new people buy something or re-use something.

Stay away from common problems like childcare issues or medical issues and come up with solutions that you can list in steps on your website.

The most successful are the ones that enable the user to follow the instructions and fix the problem right now. Here are two examples:

  • There are thousands of articles about Windows 10 that cover almost every error message Microsoft has ever thought up. The same is true of Mac users.
  • The small-time programmer mentioned earlier came up with a solution to a problem on his website and he posted answers on gaming forums. Those same forums drove traffic for years as people replayed the game, got to the problem, and went looking for a solution.

Stoke the Fires of Traffic Generation the Traditional Way

Promoting your website can be done with social media, guest posting, viral content, and so on. In fact, there are hundreds of ways and methods to generate website traffic.

However, most of them require perpetual/frequent effort on your part.

Still, there are some people who have turned these fire-stoking methods into long-term traffic generators. For example:

  • There are some people who have created mini-series of YouTube videos that people come back to every now and again. The YouTube videos have links below that say something as innocuous as, “We have more at xx.website.xx” The individual mini-series becomes popular on its own and generates traffic to the website almost as a byproduct.
  • Creating and maintaining a Facebook group takes some work, but some people have created such popular groups that they self-promote and power themselves to the point where they only need moderate weekly effort on the part of the person who created it.

Podcasts Are an Unlikely Hero

Who listens to podcasts anymore? Apparently, record numbers of people do. They listen to them while driving to work, on the bus, while jogging, and even while writing their essays for college.

Though already popular in the US, podcasts are now spreading worldwide at an epic rate, especially in Britain where they are booming.

How are podcasts driving traffic? People tune into them religiously, which means they are exposed to links in descriptions, but people are also integrating ads into their podcasts in a way where people are visiting the websites. For example:

  • Bill Burr, the famous comedian, reads out the ads and the way he does it is so funny that some of his readouts, inflections, and following comments are just as funny as the rest of his podcast. He is literally changing the game for podcast advertisers.
  • Some podcasters leave a section at the end of their podcasts just for the ads. They seem less annoying at the end, but many people also let podcasts run on rather than skipping to the next, so they expose themselves to ads regardless. It is far more effective than putting ads at the beginning where people are more likely to skip.

Start Generating More Traffic

One of the hardest things to explain to people is how difficult it is to generate website traffic.

The reason for this is that anybody can go on social media right now, post a few pictures, a few links, and draw some traffic to their website. That doesn’t mean that they are consistent though.

Powering traffic generation on a consistent basis takes effort every single day. Have you ever tried writing social media posts every day for six months when you ran out of ideas on month two?

Hopefully, the ideas listed in this article will not only help you generate traffic, but they will generate traffic with a cumulative effect so that over time you will not have to try so hard. 

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