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Vaping Injuries: Exploding Vape Mods and More

Exploding vape mods are not an unknown. It is estimated that between 2015 and 2017, 2000 Americans were sent to the hospital because their vapes exploded or burned them. 

That isn’t to say that you should stop vaping: millions of people do every single day in the United States. It is a tiny proportion that is affected by vaping injuries. Yet if you suffer injuries from vaping, what should you do?

Can you claim compensation? What are the warning signs of exploding vape mods? What can you do to avoid it?

We’ve got the answers to all of these questions.

Are you ready to learn more about what you should do if you suffer injuries from vaping? Ready to find out about the warning signs? Then read on!

Warning Signs of Exploding Vape Mods

One moment you can be puffing away on your vape and the next moment, it can blow up in your face. This can cause serious injury. Yet these vape explosions seldom happen out of the blue. 

In this section, we’ll explore some common warning signs that could warn you of exploding vape mods.

Do Not Run an Unregulated Mod Unless You’re an Expert

Regulated vape mods come with a safety feature that stops your batteries from overheating or shorting. If you are running an unregulated vape, most likely a mech (mechanical) mod, you don’t have these safety features. If you run your batteries too high, vape explosions can occur.

If you are too hard on your batteries, you can cause what is known as a hard short. This leads to your batteries venting, where they release toxic gas. Venting can also lead to battery explosions and vaping injuries.

Our advice: don’t run an unregulated mod unless you are a seasoned, expert vaper. 

Be Mindful of Heat

Your batteries should not feel hot to the touch. You may not be able to feel how hot they are through the case.

We would recommend that, every so often, you take your batteries out of the case and feel them. If they are hot to the touch or too hot to hold, consider replacing your batteries.

Note, this is only possible with 18650 batteries. If your mod has a built-in battery, you will have to see how hot it gets through the case.

Watch for Changes in Your Vapor

Your vapor is a great representation of your vape’s health. If you are getting hot vape, if you are tasting too much cotton, or if you notice a change, check your batteries.

How Do I Avoid Vaping Injuries?

The best way to avoid vaping injuries, whether caused by exploding vape mods or other gear, is to only use vapes and juice that you can trust. We’ve already discussed how you may want to avoid mech mods, but let’s go deeper than that.

Only Buy Vape Mods from Trusted Manufacturers

Never buy your vape mods from a manufacturer or dealer that you don’t trust. This means avoiding vapes made by companies that have little web presence and no reviews, for a start. 

However, even vape mods that appear to be made by trusted companies can be counterfeit. Buy from established stores, whether brick and mortar or online. Never go for that cheap vape and risk your health.

Buy Juice from Trusted Sources

It may not be as dramatic as exploding vape mods, but low-quality juice has killed. It is thought that these injuries were caused by juice that contained Vitamin E acetate. This ingredient can be put into juice by untrustworthy manufacturers to thicken their liquid.

It is also highly toxic when inhaled.

Whether you’re vaping nicotine, CBD, or THC, only ever buy vape liquids from stores that you trust.

Only Use as Much Nicotine as You Need

Some vapers seem to treat nicotine as an enjoyable “legal high.” This isn’t a great approach: at high concentrations, nicotine can be very toxic, especially if your body isn’t used to it.

You should only vape nicotine if you used to smoke or use other tobacco products. You can find tables online that will tell you which nicotine level to use based on how many cigarettes you used to smoke. Pay attention to this info!

Can I Claim Compensation if I Suffer Vaping Injuries?

If you’re injured by exploding vape mods, you may be entitled to compensation. Vaping injuries can be serious and long-term and if they weren’t your fault, you could be entitled to sue.

Whether you would have any hope of winning your case will vary depending on the way you were injured, however. If you bought contaminated vape juice from the deep web, it is unlikely that the manufacturer could be traced. 

If you were running an unregulated mod and it exploded, you would probably be seen as legally responsible for causing the explosion. As you were in control of setting the power settings and decided to push it too high.

If your vape explodes and it is from a reputable manufacturer and has built-in safety controls, you could be entitled to compensation. We are not lawyers and do not pretend to be.

If you have suffered vaping injuries from any cause and believe that it wasn’t your fault, you should contact a lawyer immediately. They will be able to take a look at your case and decide whether it would hold up in court.

Staying Safe

It is very possible to avoid exploding vape mods and enjoy your hobby. Like everything, however, you need to be sensible when you vape. 

Buy your gear and juice from established outlets. Never be tempted by cheap counterfeits. Keep your eye on your vape’s health and be mindful of any changes.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to stay healthy while you vape. Do you want to read more interesting articles like this? Then follow us on social media and get instant access to our latest articles!