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Website Security 101: 6 Reasons Why SSL Is Important for All Websites

When the Chrome 68 update was released in July of 2018 by Google, the impact was pretty significant. This update resulted in every website that had not implemented HTTPS protocol as “not secure.”

A site is considered secure when the owners have utilized an SSL certificate. If you have yet to make this investment and don’t think it is necessary – think again.

Keep reading to find out why SSL is important for all websites.

What is an SSL Certificate?

For more than two decades, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates have been around. Websites with an SSL are completely secure. The SSL makes sure all sensitive data belonging to visitors to the site are transferred over a secure network.

While it’s clear that this is a crucial factor in gaining visitor’s trust, because of the cost of the certificates and the complexity of implementing them, many organizations have put off using them.

The good news is, today the process of acquiring an SSL certificate is much easier. There are also initiatives that provide them for free, and that has made installation much easier.

Reasons You Need an SSL Certificate

While there are several benefits offered by implementing an SSL certificate, there are also a number of consequences of not adopting them. Keep reading to find out more.

1. SSL Certificates Ensure Your Website is Secure

Chances are you have been browsing the internet at some point and come across the message – “this website is not secure.” In many cases, a potential visitor is going to turn away upon seeing this message.

That’s because the threat of cybercrime is higher today than ever before. Website visitors want to feel confident they are going to visit sites where their information will remain safe and confidential. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, this confidence is non-existent.

Today, the SSL certificates are available for any website and any platform being used. It’s a good idea to read more about how to implement these certificates on various platforms if you are unsure. After all, you want all the customers you can get, right?

2. It Helps Enhance SEO and Speed

Another benefit offered by an SSL certificate is that the HTTPS at the beginning of your web address provides access to HTTP/2. This is a significant revision of the protocol that’s used for sending data.

With HTTP/2 in place, you’ll have a site that is faster, as this was specifically designed to reduce latency while improving overall page load sped. Because the load speed of your pages is a major factor in SEO, switching to HTTPS, and HTTP/2, can help to significantly increase SEO results.

3. Your Customers Will See Your Site as Trustworthy

Even if you don’t have an e-commerce website, an SSL certification is a must-have. If your customers don’t trust you, they are going to visit your website to make a purchase.

A factor that can help to enhance the traffic your site receives is proving to your customers that you care about their security. The best way to do this is with an SSL certificate.

Once the SSL certificate is in place, customers are going to see you as a professional brand. This will also help build your brand reputation in the digital world.

4. It’s Actually Affordable

While the idea of adding an SSL certificate to your website may seem intimidating at first, it really isn’t. There are some smaller websites that avoid this simply because they don’t think they will be able to afford it.

While it is important to choose the SSL certificate provider carefully, there are affordable options available.

5. Safety for Your Subdomains

There are specific types of SSL certificates, known as a Wildcard, that allow you to not only secure your primary site but all your subdomains, too with a single certificate. This can be especially beneficial if you own a business and maintain a massive website with multiple subdomains.

With traditional SSL certificates, this isn’t possible. In fact, you will have to install individual certificates for every one of your subdomains.

6. Better User Experience

There’s quite a bit of awareness among your customers regarding website security. In most cases, visitors are going to be hesitant to visit a site that is deemed unsecured. After all, they want to ensure their personal information is safe.

If you have an SSL certificate, this fear is completely eliminated. For an e-commerce site, this is especially true, as most people would not want to make a payment on a site that wasn’t secure.

Also, an SSL certificate is going to help you improve your conversion rate while boosting business growth. As a result, the ROI of this certificate is pretty impressive.

Why SSL is Important: Now You Know

The answer to why SSL is important should be pretty clear by now. 

If your site doesn’t yet have an SSL certificate, now is the time to invest in one. You can’t risk putting your customer’s valuable information at risk – as this will cost you and them in the long run.

Take the time to find a quality provider, and don’t wait. After all, if a customer is trying to decide between you and the competition – the one with the SSL certificate is likely going to win the business.

When it comes to growing your business, our team works diligently to ensure you have all the information you need. Just check out our recent article on four methods of saving money for your small business, if you don’t believe us.