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What Are SDS Sheets? How Can They Help My Business?

What do chloroform, formaldehyde, and acetonitrile have in common? They’re all dangerous chemicals often found in laboratories. With such dangerous chemicals lying around, how do labs keep their employees safe? 

Safety data sheets store vital information related to hazardous chemicals. These sheets are accessible to everyone in a chemical lab and offer helpful benefits.

What Are Safety Data Sheets?

Safety data sheets (SDS) are documents that highlight information related to hazardous chemicals. These sheets are typically used by labs or facilities that handle chemicals.

This data includes the properties and hazards of each chemical used in a facility. Safety data sheets also explain how to safely handle, store, and move the chemicals.

For example, a typical SDS will have a thorough description of how to clean up a spill for a specific chemical. The approach is different depending on the chemical. Including separate details for each chemical is an essential safety precaution.

Safety data sheets are required for chemical manufacturers, distributors, and importers. This is to make sure everyone understands the information related to hazardous chemicals. They also help properly maintain chemical safety and hazard awareness.

Even though safety data sheets are easy to understand, they require training. Training courses cover the different sections in a typical SDS and how to read each section. These courses also cover how to create sheets within the system.

Employees may not know that waste data is in a different section than chemical data. This is a topic covered in SDS training courses. SDS software may also include workplace safety and incident reporting features.

Why Are Safety Data Sheets Helpful?

Safety data sheets may be required in chemical-using facilities, but they’re also quite useful.

Safety data sheets identify chemicals within a shareable database. Not everyone who works in a lab has a deep understanding of each chemical used within the facility. These sheets give everyone an accessible system that houses chemical data.

You may be wondering, “Why does everyone need access to chemical data?”

Chemicals are hazardous materials that need extensive protective measures. If someone works in a facility with hazardous chemicals, they need to be prepared in an emergency. Everyone needs to be able to respond to chemical-related emergencies when necessary.

While some facilities keep paper data sheets, digital sheets are within online databases. These databases are accessed by anyone in the facility with an authorized computer. Digital safety data sheets are more accessible and easier to use.

Digital sheets are simpler to browse. The last thing anyone wants to do is sift through hundreds of pages in an emergency. You can find SDS sheets online. Online safety data sheets let you create a chemical inventory immediately.

Embrace Chemical Safety

Besides meeting OSHA regulations, safety data sheets help keep chemical facilities safe. In the event of an emergency, everyone has access to vital data that will help take care of any dangerous situation. Plus, safety data sheets are a simple download away.

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