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What Makes a Successful Team? 5 Tips for Leading Your Team to Greatness

What’s the secret to unparalleled and mounting success?

Delivering consistent and quality product-services is always the end-goal we have in mind. But your company’s results are only as strong as the team delivering them.

Your team looks up to you not only as their manager but their leader. You’re in a position to help inspire the best out of each of your employees. So, what makes a successful team and how do you build one?

Here are 5 tips to help you forge a stronger team and yield more success!

1. Spearhead Purpose with Unique Goals

A clear and measured goal lays the foundation for team success.

Each member of your team should not only understand how to fulfill their roles. They should have an understanding of how their roles achieve the goals you’ve set forward.

Having goals not only keeps your team organized. Goal setting improves focus and creates a better workflow for all. But that’s not all.

By setting unique and interesting goals, you’ll help motivate your team members. You’ll give them a reason to push themselves harder and take their work to the next level. 

While you still need to accomplish X, Y, and Z, there are ways to set more compelling goals. Ask each team member what their own set of personal and professional goals are. See how you can set goals that not only accomplish your company goals but theirs, as well.

2. Create a Healthy & Thriving Culture

What makes a successful team and builds company culture in the process?

The environment your team works in can have a great impact on their productivity. But your working environment can also reflect what your company culture is like.

When the office gets noisy, team concentration can suffer. If the office layout creates physical division, your team’s collaborative efforts lose momentum.

You might spend all day behind a closed door while your employees are out on the floor. This, too, can reflect the type of culture you’ve set forward.

Encourage More Interaction

Consider changing the office layout to invite your team to engage with each other more. Try arranging desks in an open layout and start working side-by-side with your team. This will show them that you’re engaged and support them.

Focus on creating a more suitable work environment by changing the office design. Add supportive furniture, incorporate a quiet area, or open up the floor with large tables.

Improving the work environment will make for better teamwork. But it will also act as the first step to creating a stronger work culture.

3. Forge Stronger Team Relations

How well does your team work together? Does it seem like they’re consistently able to work together to overcome challenges? Or, do they seem to fall apart when the pressure gets too high?

Your team success can hinge greatly on your working relationships. Employees who trust each other are more likely to thrive and work as a team. Teams with strayed or tense relations usually don’t produce the highest quality work.

The best teams not only communicate effectively. They build each other up and encourage one another to fulfill their roles and goals.

How to Build Better Team Relationships

What makes a successful team with strong working relationships? First, your team has to feel that they can trust you as their leader.

They should feel comfortable coming to you to express themselves in person. Encourage regular one-on-one meetings with each member and acknowledge their strengths and accomplishments. Offer constructive criticism and work with them to improve.

Promote team bonding on a weekly basis and help your team get to know one another more. Bring in takeout food, games, or do team bonding exercises outside. Encourage your team to compile a music playlist together and play it throughout the day.

4. Nurture Growth Through Team Building

Do some of the members on your team seem disgruntled? Are you looking for ways to better engage your team?

Recognizing when your team needs a regrouping can help you stay on track to success. But it’s always important to work on team morale no matter how solid your team feels.

According to this guide, team building not only improves company morale. Team building is a great way to understand each member’s skills and strengths. In the long run, it can also improve productivity and enhance creativity.

Better Communication Builds Stronger Teams

Team building can be as simple as trying to communicate better. Ask your employees about their individual goals, as well as their vision for the team. Encourage them to have a collaborative conversation among themselves in a group meeting.

You can also try team building events, which are not only a fun way to break up the workday. These events can even help you narrow in on each employee’s set of unique skills.

Everyone will work as a team to achieve a common goal. They’ll learn to communicate with each other better and have a blast in the process.

5. Set Better Habits by Example

Team success not only rests on the shoulders of your employees. As a team leader or manager, you’re in a position to direct your team to greater success.

Believe it or not, but the habits and behaviors you set forth have a lasting impact on your team. If your team sees you come in each day with a positive attitude, it will radiate onto them. When your team sees you hard at work and engaging with them, they’ll feel more supported.

By the same token, your team can lose its momentum if they see you coming in late on a consistent basis. You can easily show a lack of focus on your part if you’re constantly on your phone or taking long breaks. Your team might even respect you less if you show an abuse of power.

Lead by Example

Each day you’re in a position to lead your team to greatness. The little behaviors and habits you show can make all the difference.

Demonstrate respect to each team member and they’ll show that same respect to one another. Be mindful of the words you choose to use when offering firm criticism.

It doesn’t have to be all serious, either. Don’t be afraid to be yourself or to make mistakes in front of your team.

Understanding What Makes a Successful Team

Building a successful and strong team is a challenge. Maintaining the status-quo within your team may seem easier. But by facing up to the challenge with these 5 tips, you’ll build more meaningful results in the long run. 

Are you still wondering what makes a successful team? Discover more business advice to help you lead your team to greatness.