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What You Need to Know About Renting a Storage Unit

About 36% of households in America live in rental houses. A rented house neither affords one the luxury of space nor the room to expand what’s available. So you could need extra storage space.

Renting a storage unit is not something you just wake up and do immediately. You have to plan for it adequately so that you can get something that suits your needs. Good storage units make your life a lot easier.

You should, therefore, explore all your available options for storage unit rentals before making that big decision. There are quite many things you should consider. Here are some of them.

1. Storage Unit Rental Options

You can either opt for full-service storage or self-storage. This will obviously depend on your budget because full-service storage is definitely more expensive. If you are working on a small budget you could opt for self-storage.

The full -service storage option, however, is a lot more convenient. The company will have your stuff picked and delivered to the storage unit. You can also always request and schedule to pick up and return stuff online, from the comfort of your home.

2. Size of a Unit

The size of storage unit rental is a chief consideration. You can’t afford to rent space that your stuff can barely fit. It will create another problem rather than solve the one you already have.

Majority of storage facilities will offer you quite many options in terms of size. At least up to five sizes of storage spaces. The sizes provided by full-service storage differ widely so be sure to double check.

3. Storage Unit Prices

How much are storage units? This is probably the first or second question you should ask yourself before you finally decide to rent it.

While of course, you cannot rent something that you cannot afford, it is also not wise to be a miser. Consider the amount you have and the best unit it can get you. Also, don’t be too extravagant by getting too wide a room for very few items.

4. What To Look For in A Storage Unit

It all depends on what you want to store in the unit and for what period of time. When assessing storage facilities and the amenities they provide there is quite a lot to look out for.

Check their climate control, security, video monitoring and degree of accessibility, among other things you may consider important.

5. Insurance

They will assure you top-notch security but you can’t risk just like that. Consider getting insurance. In case of anything, you don’t want to end up losing practically everything you own.

Renting a Storage Unit

If you’re considering moving out or creating a little space in your store, renting a storage unit is a good option. However, be keen to look for a unit that offers your stuff security. A good storage unit should also be accessible at your convenience.

The money factor is also important. Don’t get something too extravagant or too small for your stuff.
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