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When Is the Best Time to Sell a House? 4 Important Facts You Must Know

This year, 5.67 million homes will be sold in the United States. 

With all of those sales, it can be hard to make your home stand out to potential buyers. One of the easiest ways to make your home stand out is to sell at the right time. 

Considering selling your current home? Keep reading to discover four important facts about the best time to sell a house easily and for top dollar.

1. In the Spring

If you’re asking when is the best time of year to sell a house, the quick answer is in the spring. 

The best month to sell a house is May. The reason for this? When temperatures warm up, people are ready for a change!

If May isn’t possible, aim to sell in any of the warmer months. Statistically speaking, home sales are higher in the warmer months than winter months. 

2. When the Market is High

The best time to sell a home is when the housing market is high, or a seller’s market. 

You don’t want to end up selling your home when the market is low and people are buying houses to flip them. Instead, watch the real estate market locally and wait for the prices to rise.

Usually, if you wait just a few months, you will see a change in the housing price trends. 

3. Ask an Agent

If you’re still unsure of when is the best time to sell a house, ask an agent. 

An agent is an expert in your local housing market. So even if the best time to sell nation-wide is March, they will know the exact best time to sell in your specific town. 

Agents can also give you an idea of how your house’s value compares to other houses in the market. They can suggest a quick home project that will increase your sale price or show you how to stage your home for the best offers. 

While an agent will charge you for their services, it’s well worth it if you’re looking to get the maximum sale price possible. 

4. As Quickly as Possible

Sometimes, the best time to sell the house is as quickly as possible. 

If you need to move immediately, due to a sudden job change or necessary relocation, consider using a company that specializes in fast home sales. Ashley Buys Houses is one of the many companies who pays cash on the spot for your home. 

By selling your home quickly, you ensure that you aren’t paying two mortgage payments until your old house sells. A quick home selling process eliminates the stress and financial worries that come with waiting for the right buyer.  

Beyond the Best Time to Sell a House

Now you know all about the best time to sell a house! But there’s more to the home selling process than just timeliness. 

Try to stage your home with very few personal items so the new buyer can picture themselves in the area. Also, spend a little cash and freshen up the cosmetics of the main rooms in your house and the home’s exterior. These little tricks help your home sell quickly for the best possible price. 

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