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Why Is Clean Drinking Water Important? Here’s 5 Eye-opening Reasons

Your body is like a car engine, it requires certain materials to help all the moving parts run effectively.

Think of it this way: Water is to our bodies what oil is to an engine… a necessity.

You take all the precautions of knowing the exact type of oil that’s going into your vehicle, it’s only fitting that you do the same for the water you’re putting in your body.

Why is clean water important?

Here are 5 facts that list the importance of clean drinking water.

Why Is Clean Water Important?

1. It Can Help You Avoid Illness

If not properly cleaned, water can contain chemicals that are naturally toxic to our bodies such as radon and uranium.

Water can also inherit toxic materials from nearby land practices such as pesticides, fertilizers… you get the idea.

Contaminated water can also lead to digestive problems, as well as more serious issues such as reproductive setbacks and brain disorders.

2. It Can Help You with Weight Loss

Yes, you read that correctly and no, water won’t magically dissolve the unwanted fat from your body when you drink it in abundance.

Drinking water with your meals in place of the high-calorie beverages can easily be the difference in at least 200 calories per day. 

More than that, clean water can help you feel full quicker which will help you cut back on snacking throughout the day.

3. You’ll Have Better Looking Skin

Your skin relies heavily on water, which is why it dries out in the winter when there’s less moisture in the air.

The importance of clean water is because it ensures the skin is getting the hydration it needs to give off the healthy shine you’re looking for.

Your skin is the shield of your body’s fluids, providing it with the water it needs will strengthen it to perform its tasks. 

4. It Gives You Energy and Peak Performance

How hydrated you are is directly connected to the consistent output of your body’s strength and stamina.

With clean drinking water, you’ll have the energy you need to crush your work day or nail that first interview!

Furthermore, If the water you’re drinking is contaminated, your muscles won’t receive the proper amount of oxygen they require to work effectively.

Also, your body won’t be able to replenish the electrolytes it loses when sweating, which can lead to further health complications.

Your muscles also rely on water to keep their tone and size; very important, indeed!

5. It Influences Healthy Brain Function

We’ve all had those days where your brain seems off its game.

It may surprise you to see that most of those days are circumstantial to not drinking enough water. A TON of scientific studies has been done to support this claim.

In fact, research from such studies shows that only 1.6% of fluid loss is damaging to the human brain.

There’s also a correlation between dehydration and mood swings, memory loss, and overall brain production.

This comes in handy in times like when you need to remember all those slides to the big presentation; don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Quality Is on Par with the Quantity

Why is clean water important? Because over half of your body mass is made up of water.

Therefore, it’s imperative to drink clean water to help your body filter and replace.

If you’re not sure on the cleanliness of your water supply, check out this post for ways to test your water at home/work, to ensure it’s safe to drink.