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Work from Home: 5 Tips for Starting an Online Pet Store

If you’re thinking of setting up your very own online pet store, smart move.

Everyone loves their furbabies so there will always be a demand for well-made pet products.

This demand can also put you at a disadvantage though because you’re not the first person who thought of it.

You’ll have tons of competition so you have to come up with ways to stand out before you start selling anything. Here are a few tips for building your online pet store that you can use to gain some attention and start getting your products out there to your adoring, furry public.

1. Get a Plan Together 

Once you have an idea formulating in your mind for your pet store, it’s time for you to get a plan together. Write out a plan that includes anything you’re going to do with marketing, any promotion ideas, and how you’re going to advertise these promotions. 

If it’s written out you’re more likely to act on it. You also need to start figuring out what you’re going to do with your website.

Are you going to build it, or are you hiring someone to? Either way, it needs to look something like That Pet Site

2. Financing Your Pet Store 

After you’ve written out the plan you have to figure out how you’re going to finance everything you have on the paper. The best option available to you is to take out a loan with a bank or even your bank to cover the start-up costs. 

If you’re approved for the loan make sure you set up a merchant bank account. You want to keep your personal and business finances separate to make tax time easier. 

3. Finding Suppliers 

You won’t have much of a store if you don’t have anything you can put up for sale. Decide what type of supplies you want to sell and then find a trustworthy supplier to get them from. 

If you’re selling items that you make yourself always make sure you have more than enough stuff on hand to keep a steady supply going. 

4. Setup Online Payment Processing 

You’d probably like to get paid for your services so you’ll need to set up online payment processing of some kind. The best way to do this is to make an account on a payment processing site. 

When picking one out make sure it’s one with a reputable name such as PayPal. You have to be a little choosy when it comes to your money. 

5. Deliver Products 

Lastly, you need to deliver products in a timely manner. You have a few options for this such as UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service of course. 

Before you send out your first piece of merchandise, make sure you have all of your licenses and state tax permits ready to go. 

Start Up Your Very Own Pet Store 

Starting an online pet store can be a very fruitful investment because there will always be a demand for pet supplies. Use these tips for starting one up to rise above the numerous competition that you’ll have. 

When you’re sending out products through your online pet store, the packaging will be everything. Keep reading for a few unique packaging ideas